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The Brazilians Are Coming

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Published in 1928, Macunama? workmanship of the writer Mrio de Andrade? it is a romance of Modern line, writing in only six days, during its vacation in the interior of So Paulo, becoming a classic of the Brazilian literature, which approaches the adventures of a hero without no character, personage who of the name to the workmanship. All the plot of the rapsdia if develops around the loss and recovery of muiraquit? object of sentimental value for Macunama, gift of Ci, queen of Amazon, with who has a son (this falece days after been born). In uncurling of the tram, Macunama ‘ ‘ brinca’ ‘ with diverse women, attracting until its brother-in-law, Iriqui, woman of Jigu; raises the question if the hero is or not it profile of the Brazilian, had as without character, without conscience. Such fact is still strengthened in a chapter of the narrative, where the main personage leaves the conscience in the one tip mandacaru in the Island of Marapat and travels for the South (Chapter V). It is noticed in the context, the absence of punctuation in some conjuncts, a simple language, as well as the intention of the author in portraying diverse problems, such Brazilian which: the lack of definition of a national, the culture submissa and divided character of Brazil, the indifference stops with our traditions, the importation of sociocultural and economic models, the linguistic discrimination, among others factors. According to Mrio de Andrade, ‘ ‘ this book does not pass of an anthology of the Brazilian folklore. … One of the interests was lendariamente to disrespect the geographic geography and fauna and flora. … ‘ ‘ (1928, p 220) certain ousadia of the author in establishing an imaginary relation between the mythical one Is still perceived and the technological one, in which it is presented in the phase where Macunama, in search of muiraquit, goes for So Paulo and there ‘ ‘ mitifica’ ‘ some unknown objects of the urban civilization for it, as the machine pathek, the machine Smith-Wesson, the machine telephone, the machine tram, machine clothes, electric light etc., and, reciprocal, is bewitched by them. At last, one noticed bold intentions of the author in publishing the above-mentioned narrative, having main intention the rupture with any trace of a literary chain that still prevailed in those times, the Parnasianismo; implantation of a genuinely Brazilian culture, being, landmark and, workmanship target critical even in the current days for Brazilian literature.


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does not advance to complain later. Ah! That homesickness of infancy in the interior, with the time running in the speed of a wagon, that I did not live. That homesicknesses of the really important messages, brought for the neighbor who had telephone, of the letters that if received from distant relatives and the anxiety to receive them. Learn more at: ConocoPhillips. Today the sensation of the wait is of anguish, anger when email does not arrive, sadness of the linking received and the haste from the accelerator not to arrive in time at the commitment. Today the time is of the haste, the rapidity, the speed of the light, the Internet, wireless. a good time, time of amount, but also of solitude why we do not have time to know our neighbors, our colleague of the room to the side in the communication office. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is the source for more interesting facts.

This is the time that approaches, but not ‘ ‘ junto’ arrives; ‘. However in the past we had quality, contact, proximity, touch. I conclude then that the only period of the life where if it has time really to appreciate, to relax, to feel, to touch inside go since the formation of the child of the womb the mother, until the beginning of its pertaining to school life, that to each year starts more early, since the parents do not have time to be with the children and to teach things to them, before learned in house. It is then the question that same I do not know to answer. Which is optimum time? , The today technological one that in the ones backwards as many easinesses or the yesterday slowest one and with more quality of life? Or it will be that we will obtain a future with easinesses, agendas and quality? The time will only say!