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Water Transport Codes

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It is beneficial to both parties. In Sec. 34 isolated a set of general rules, the action which applies to all leases. Along with this new provision introduced a special regulation of its individual species: hire, rental vehicles, rental of buildings, leasing companies, financial leasing – lease. Delineation of these contracts is carried out mainly on the subject (object) lease, but takes into account other aspects, such as the scope of the contract and specialty landlords for hiring, special relationship with leasing and other rules 1.

34 sc are universal and fully regulate the types of the lease that are not provided for special regulation, but also extend to contracts allocated to individual leases, but only that part which is not regulated by special rules relating to the appropriate view of relations (rent, lease, etc.). Civil Code, as an act of direct action, provided however, the possibility of application in certain cases, other laws and other regulations to complement its rules or establishing special rules for certain types of relations with the specifics. In Art. 607 cc states that the law can be set features the lease of land and other isolated natural objects. The rules governing the leasing of land contained in ch. 17 cc (Art.

260, 264, 270), entered into force the Federal Law of 16 April 2001, and the Land Code. According to Section 1, Art. 260 cc person owning land, the right to dispose of them, including rent, if relevant land are not excluded from circulation or limited in circulation. On the right of transfer of land plots for lease also states in Art. 264 cc. The Land Code of the rent regulated article. 1922 Chap. iv, devoted to various kinds land use. Transfer the use of subsoil, water bodies, forests are regulated by the subsoil, Water Code, Forest Code. Selecting a set of rules specific regulation of lease vehicles, gc along with it contains an indication that the transport charters and codes can be established other than by the Code, especially of lease of certain types of funds (Art. 641, 649). They are associated with conditions operation, maintenance, increased requirements for training of persons controlling these or other vehicles, etc. Special rules governing the rental of certain types of Vehicles are contained in the Air Code, the Code of Merchant Shipping, Inland Water Transport Code. Several features of lease of railway transport is provided by the Federal Law on February 27, 2003 "On the specifics of management and disposition of property, rail transport. For new legislation on rent characteristic that detailed regulation of relations in it does not turn into unnecessary "Overregulation." Many of the rules given the dispositive nature, which gives the parties an opportunity to resolve the contract if necessary, any question otherwise than by law, and legislative control is used as fallback ("unless otherwise stipulated in the contract"). Peremptory norms are mainly protecting the rights of the parties and third parties whose interests may be affected. This approach provides well elaborated the legal basis for the formation and development of the lease, that increases their level of legal and security of participants and at the same time does not contradict the principle of freedom of contract. Rules Sec. 34 cc, and special legislation regulating features of certain types of leasing relations are used in conjunction with the general norms of civil law transactions, commitments, contracts, etc.

Hawkeye Traffic

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But on the eve of weekends on the road leading out of town, lined kilometer traffic jams, which are idle valuable time working in City residents near Moscow, the Muscovites, residing in a cottage village and summer residents, in the classic sense of the word. Frankly, in my opinion, for the moment the problem of congestion at a trip to the country can not be solved … Many would agree with you. But if you look at the problem from another angle. If we are fated to spend 3-4 hours on the road to the cottage, it is not necessarily stuck in traffic jams. You can go, for example, in the Crimea. Once it had its estates most noblest names of the Russian Empire. Prince Yusupov, is known to have preferred the picturesque surroundings of modern Koreiza and Hawkeye.

Why not become like those whose taste in his time was standard? Not too far right? Not at all. To avoid traffic jams in Moscow, get to the airport Sheremetyevo to 'Express'. He goes about 30 minutes. Next on the air: just two hours a way. And about an hour from the airport "Simferopol" to the destination. Prior to Hawkeye, located in the Bakhchisarai Peninsula, to get much easier than on the South Coast of the Yalta congested highway, where traffic jams are also not uncommon. Now, let's calculate and we see: the time on the road in Crimea still time to get to the cottage in the suburbs. But in the Crimea, Sea of positive natural beauty of primeval nature of these places and the freshest air you will need.

I'm afraid you seem overly skeptical, but where 'places with pristine nature and the freshest air,' we can find comfort, in terms of not yielding to European? For people who value themselves and invest in their own welfare, there is a decent offer. The company 'Green Space Development' built in the region of Crimea holiday village with the name 'Bogdanovs Cottages, where there is the necessary infrastructure. In the village are comfortable wooden houses built on technology fachwerk. We believe that even in times of crisis such real estate in the foothills Crimea will enjoy steady demand. Now it is a great alternative housing on the Crimean Riviera, where now the square meters partially redeemed, but building for the time being suspended. On the South Coast, and it is certain, the price increase will not be because reached their ceiling. Even that probably all lower, however, to some extent. While the land and house in the foothills near the Crimea at the time remain in the price or even become more expensive as places where there is little construction. That is why invest in the region is the most favorable right now. Based on materials Link to the source.

Essential Programs

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Introduction. Well, in our day have a PC and is normal, independent of the Windows operating system we choose (XP, Vista), once we have it in our hands the following questions arise: Will the virus that brings good? Can I use MSN to chat instantly with friends? Will my PC builds useless files that are deleted or I have to remove myself? I've heard a lot of P2P programs (Ares, Torrent, emule), from where the bass? What is Spyware? How can I protect myself? I also say I have a firewall, but where does it out? She told me something like disk fragmentation. What is that? Steps. Step # 1 First off is a good antivirus. Most of the best antivirus are paid, ie you buy your license. Within these we find Kaspersky antivirus, Nod 32, Norton, McAfee, and others. However, there are free alternatives, and no less efficient. I have personally tested two free antivirus: AVG Free and Avast Free Edition.

I can say for AVG Free. I had bad experience with this virus, and that he spent all the trojans and my computer was full of viruses and demases. Besides his daily update is really a nightmare, in the sense that you upgrade windows open that are really annoying. Many times he was taken for scan disk every time you lit the PC and stop it was another nightmare. I tell them not to try to remove the system, really brought me problems. Avast Free Edition. My favorite antivirus.

The Year

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Before the Internet has become a true playground for all manner of referral marketing this background in no time. Until a few years ago the possibilities to spread the the word limited to family members, neighbors, friends, and colleagues. Mouth held in a manageable framework. It was while audible but not visible. And it was fleeting, because she had to be reminded.

The new marketer today that what we think of one thing, tells readily with a broad public. It has become a matter of course that we us Web-based to utter, what we buy why and what we would rather let the finger. Up to ninety percent of Internet users find the reviews of other important and usually almost blindly follow their advice. So poorly rated hotels lose today already every fifth guest alone through the Web, and without realizing it. Digital word of mouth advertising is already a mass phenomenon in our socialmedia filled world and almost something like Civic duty. This can as well as communication tools accessible back incredible range, which also negative as positive talk (buzz) spread explosively on networks. Using mobile devices, Word-of-mouth (WOM) reaches not just the ears less interested, but wireless the countless screens of all over the world.

Advertising, to make sure it’s worth comes primarily from the circle of the networked consumer. You are the new marketer. Recommendations into location based services (LBS) from now on the hand or Pocket. Who is on the go and want information for example about a restaurant, needs to keep his cell phone only in the appropriate direction. From the depths of the digital space, our mobile companion take an adequate facilities provided the desired responses on the display. And while our gaze slowly strips over the costs incurred by a storefront, our Smartphone checks already the reputation of the dealer, the environmental attitude of the provider, the fan factor the brand and the prices compared. There is a glimpse of what is possible here: about 40 percent of all mobile phone owners are probably at the end of the year an Internet enabled device have, with such mobile surfing is possible. At the same time, all this is risk and opportunity. Because whether companies like it or not: whatever they do today in the Web talk is lightning fast. And (almost) everything comes out sooner or later. In such a scenario, cloud, lying and cheating are a discontinued model. Google sees everything and never forgets it is so beautiful. And even more: what the people about a company say, takes precedence over what the companies themselves about themselves say search engines. The new mantra consulting and sales pitches can be transferred today from customers live on the Internet and comments in real time. Sellers who want to get away unscathed, do so well, to offer top performance, to be morally clean and to enter into an open, honest dialogue. Who today not recommended, might tomorrow and day after tomorrow dead. Because in our globally connected world inferior is singled out mercilessly. Power of many is whether B2B or B2C no single company more over. Management, sales & marketing thus falls to the task itself quickly to take advantage of this consumer-driven development, to stimulate beneficial viral processes and help shape full of passion. Was really good and get people committed to carry on this! This is the mantra in the company of a recommendation. Positive word of mouth advertising is sales-boosting. But who has mastered the rules of the new Word-of-mouth marketing, only, will count in the future to the winners.


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As the basis for communication in the IEC 61850 standard the MMS protocol (manufacturing Messaging specification) for classic client-server communication used WebServices. In addition the proposal was submitted already, to include Web services communication protocol in the standard. Thus, Internet access come as a low-cost alternative in question. WebServices are already a recognized standard (W3C Consortium) and there is a uniform interface description by Web Services Description Language (WSDL). Development and test tools are already available. Opposite the IEC61850 via MMS, WebServices have a lower resource requirements in the control center because there are no permanent connections to build. WebServices of less are also complex, because without ISO/OSI protocols, as well as without ASN. 1 can be used.

It is possible even without third-party (licenses) to integrate in the telecontrol and control technology. Having to build any permanent connection alarm concepts the advantage of WebServices is also with a solution-related Disadvantage of powers. New methods must be found for the rapid transmission of fault information from the DEA. A solution proven in a field test, we present here as Alarm Server “. The concept is necessary because by the cyclic polling of DEA in the minute or every hour fault messages may not can be quickly transferred enough to the control center. Target is the fast forwarding of interfering signals without additional resource requirements in the network control center. The reporting provided for in the IEC 61850 standard is not suitable for this, since it requires a persistent connection to the control centre to the individual DEA. For this reason, the control room itself offers an IEC61850 Server service (alarm-server).

As pending to do this is to integrate a WebService client in the telecontrol gateway of the DEA. A malfunction in a DEA occurs now, she acts as IEC61850 client and uses the WebService Protocol to transmit the fault message to the control center. Communication gateway ACOS 700 in the test in a field test with about a hundred micro 80,0 is the fitness Equipment of communication gateways and the solution on the basis of Web services based on the IEC61850 standard in Germany tested. The fuel cells or even micro 80,0 serve the heating of detached houses and also power supply. The communication gateway ACOS 700 provides the interfaces for maximum of ten energy, gas and heat meters, based on the usual in the counter being M-bus as a wireline solution or wireless MBus, interfaces to the DEA. In addition, the gateway to electric I/O modules for additional information can be added. The remote data can be transferred via Ethernet (for example via DSL, Powerline) or via an internal GPRS module. In addition, the device has over a serial RS232 interface, allowing more peripheral devices can be connected. The focus of the test the suitability of the equipment and the simple integration of the solution into the network control system of multiple energy providers, the network control systems are different Manufacturers operate. Additional properties arising from the usage in private households and the demand after minimal effort for installation and putting into operation, are also in the focus of the field trial. Costs this procedure offers optimized device technology a viable technical solution for the transfer of monitoring and control information between DEA and network control systems of from different manufacturers. To use with the concept, the transmission protocol IEC 61850 via WebServices, opens up the chance for communication, commissioning and integration in the network control technology to keep costs to a minimum.

Universal Wisdom

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While Dr. Noble had come with Master Tenno to repair something on the other side of the river, where he practiced during the night, the Master Sweeper Esmeraldas to bring some mushrooms to the Master. Sergei treated him with care and he sat while preparing tea. The teacher had just finished transcribing the teaching that every day he explained to Ting Chang. – Year bother young Sergei! I would not bother the Master but I know you love this kind of mushrooms.

– I just say I pray that you wait, they do not want to leave without finishing a chapter. But it comes to tea with you, Venerable Sir. – Do not call me, I'm just the janitor of the monks. If I found out, goodbye peace and quiet. – If there is a lot of rudeness I would ask why you called our Master of the Sweeper Esmeraldas.

– His jokes are not are more important, – he answered, smiling -. At that time, was the Master who saluted with great respect and contented to their host and they sat down to enjoy the rich spiced tea. – Sergei, this is not a joke. I'm going to tell the story. I for many years, our host was martial arts instructor in the Red Army of Mao. Until one day he saw the universe in a drop of water landed on the edge of his sword. He retired to the temple of Saolin and sought to complete its wake the monks shared with the mastery of his techniques.

More Wisdom

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Ringu Tulku: mind training. A path of transformation, edition steinrich 2011 author Ringu Tulku, monk and Buddhist scholar, explains in his new book the traditional spirit training is practiced in Tibet for centuries. He makes this refreshing, clear, simple, and for Westerners to understand way. The text is scattered not only with questions of his audience and participants, as well as his answers, but also with numerous examples and anecdotes, with whom Ringu Tulku practically comprehend the theoretical explanations leaves us. Before the author devoted to the mental training, he clarifies such issues as for example what reasons there are to follow a spiritual path, or how we find happiness and happy and we’re unhappy and others.

To do so, the author says: the external situation alone is never the decisive factor for our unhappiness. It is our inner attitude that determines whether we suffer from. We enter such a room and come to the Conclusion, he is too hot, too small or poorly furnished, then consider this room as a little comfortable and make us miserable. The space itself is it insignificant. It is the rejection of the spirit that creates our dissatisfaction.” We recognize the relationship on the basis of these explanations, as our inner attitude causes our unhappiness, so we can apply, so that we have not always back myself unhappy. It’s so easy, but without understanding reche we believe not, that it can be so easy. Using mental training, we can train our minds, as the word itself expresses.

That the ordinary mind is untrained, the author expresses so: the ordinary mind is very limited and uncertain. Our awareness is limited and we are hardly in the position, through our close and familiar world, that we are used to go out. Everything is new for us, or is outside of the usual treats us with suspicion. These limitations are of US itself created. A different state of mind but is quite possible.”and the mind-training with the simple explanations of the experienced author Ringu Tulku, a wonderful help and support can be us. Hardcover, 176 pages, ISBN 978-3-942085-11-3, Euro 14.90, Traudel Reiss

The Wisdom Of The Peoples

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Proverbs 1: 7: the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord: the fools despise wisdom and instruction. What is the main characteristic of the Italians? How see the world the Irish and how they behave faced with the challenges of everyday life? Do so see indigenous peoples the passage of time and what is its scale of values in an era in which civilization tends to move its customs and its ancient traditions? Does that mean a door open or closed for the Chinese? There are various forms of study peoples, its people and the way to behave, but there is a thoroughly effective way of approaching its history: proverbs which they believe. The dictionary of the Real Academia Espanola defines it as a sentence, adage or proverb. The ruling, in turn, opinion or seem that someone has or continues, said serious and succinct that it encloses doctrine or morals. Peoples have their own way of seeing the world and a particular scale to rank the values.

The one and the other, are contained in good part in values that transmits to another and this a generation to the next. Let’s make an imaginary journey through several countries and know their culture through proverbs whose inhabitants are pronounced in the pleasant family gatherings; on long trips through the forest or desert, or simply in the classroom where teachers try to become better men and women his disciples. For resident Africans in Uganda the struggle of the strongest ends up affecting the weakest, as it can be seen from his Sage said: when two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers. In Nigeria are very convinced of the need that each who assume their own responsibilities, as it can be inferred from this adage: A goat may not carry the tail of another goat an Afghan adage leads us to conclude that you can only reach the desired goal who works to achieve this. The expression is short and conclusive: the search engine is discoverer. And also the patience is a virtue for this Asian people: If luck is on your side, do by what you apresuras? If it is against you, what you das hurry? The Chinese have an extraordinary richness in this simple and forceful form of wisdom. We choose one single random: the safest door closed is that you can leave open.

Indeed, if a door can be left open, it must be truly secure, according to this wisdom-laden phrase suggests it. Eyes and ears are important organs but with serious differences. This German proverb does not demonstrate how different can be: trust the eyes themselves, trust the ears of others this assertion cannot be read without asking who trust me? Do in what I’ve ascertained? Or what have said me to others? The Hungarians, on the other hand are very clear that not everyone who makes a mistake pays for this. Sometimes we are others who assume the consequences, according to this from the European country phrase: Adam ate the Apple, and we still hurt us wheels to finish this tour visit to Italy and enjoy his inclination to beauty and sensitivity: beauty without goodness is a house without a door, a ship without wind, a spring without water and you do have a favorite proverb?

Right Wisdom

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Nobody can happy be moved away from GOD and its true Identity. To conquer it to supply the proper deficiencies is the duty of all Creature. In the wings of the Wisdom Fortunate the man who does not walk in the advice of the mpios, does not linger itself in the way of the pecadores, nor if he seats in the wheel of the escarnecedores. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 1:1. It looks to the freedom Who without ostentation Is to the sights? It looks the love that nourishes So that it enjoys the nectar of the life? It searchs the love perpetual to leave the hell Where if finds? It runs behind the lost time When lived deluded For the adventures That had only brought agruras To its Soul? It goes in search of the Wisdom That fills the empty hour That the man appreciates, When is not empty. It wants to fill this time That to each moment You wasted? Very well! It finds JESUS, Therefore its Doctrine of Light, Is the only freedom. In the wings of its Wisdom It will find the joy That as much longs for..

Month Refined Wisdom

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An Anusara yoga workshop with Jim Bernaert 1-3 October in Munich AIRYOGA tip of the month! “Refined Wisdom The Highest Truth” an Anusara yoga workshop with Jim Bernaert 1-3 October in AIRYOGA Munich wisdom in their diversity plays in yoga a central role. We learn how exactly we can develop and cultivate, in this workshop under the guidance of Jim Bernaert. Jimmy”is renowned for his clarity, his precise instructions and his generous and warm way. In addition he has like no other a deep knowledge of Anusara yoga, because he is one of the first Anusara yoga teacher, certified worldwide. In the 4-part workshop dedicated to Jimmy of not only the wisdom of the body, but also supports us, to recognize the wisdom of the spirit and the heart and maintain. Anusara means “flowing with grace”.

Anusara yoga founded by John Friend in 1997. It is based on Hatha Yoga and combines simple and effective biomechanical principles to the alignment of the body with a deep spiritual understanding of yoga. Currently, Anusara yoga is worldwide the most popular form of yoga. Learn more about Anusara are also available at. Jim “Jimmy” Bernaert practiced Yoga since 1984. In 1996, he joined the Anusara yoga, and was the founder of Anusara yoga henceforth intensively taught by John Friend. In 2000, Jim gained certification as Anusara yoga teacher and trainer.

His teaching style reflects his deep love for yoga practice and make it clear that yoga is not limited to a physical practice, but represents a way of life. Jimmy currently lives in Hawaii, where he taught classes and retreats. He teaches in teacher training, retreats, and workshops in the United States and Europe but also time and again. More information workshop taking Anusara yoga with Jimmy Bernaert is held on following days AIRYOGA, Blumenstrasse 6, 80331 Munich. Friday, October 01, 2010 from 19:00 to 21:30: A variety of yoga asanas the wisdom of the body Saturday, October 02, 2010 from 14:15 to 16:45: Huftoffner and arm balances the wisdom of mind Saturday, October 02, 2010 from 19:00 to 21:30: prevention, Rotary postures, pranayama and meditation the wisdom of heart Sunday, October 03, 2010 from 13:30 to 16:30: backbends and reverse poses the eternal wisdom of the Anusara yoga workshop is suitable for all levels. Jimmy taught in English. All workshop / 4 sessions: 170 (early bird booking & payment up to 17 Sept 10: 150) individual workshop session: 50 (advance booking & payment up to 17 Sept 10:45) registrations please email to the number of participants is limited. From 1 to 3 October 2010 the Anusara yoga pioneer Jim Bernaert from Hawaii is again hosted by AIRYOGA Munich.