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Shoe Widths

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Fit a pair of wide, comfortable shoes is a plus in the development of their activities. It should be sought always the comfort of the foot, in the attempt to preserve their health and good humor. After all, a comfortable foot improves posture, exercise stimulates and enables long hours of work continuing, increasing your productivity and mobile activity. This is the main activity of Wide Fit Shoes. Born in England by the year 1965, Wide Fit Shoes has remained committed to providing clients comfortable shoes, high quality and with a high level of services of pre, sale and after-sales service on all your real and virtual branches, including two stores in North Wertern London. Its catalog also includes very well-known brands for the market locally, nationally and globally, such as the brands Padders, Equity, Elmdale, Loakes, and many others.

With a base of more than 5000 satisfied customers, their production is maintained year after year at the forefront in technology as well as styles, always seeking wide and spacious, great fit and great fit, shoes prompting the comfort of large feet, without neglecting the elegance and style of fashion. Wide Fit Shoes, in such a way, was born and has remained as a company dedicated to the creation and manufacture of footwear width, great fit, wide toeboards, adaptable for large feet. In a large number of options, you will find stylish shoes for women, wide shoes, shoes elegant footwear for men with large feet and dance among its products. Similarly, and with equal simplicity, you can find catalogue with slippers and wide slippers to fit your home and relax their legs and sore feet, as well as will also find slippers or shoes sport wide, great fit and width fit, that allows them to do sports and physical activities without having to stop to refresh or massage their feetgiving you the support and comfort you need in these practices.

Publishing House

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With an introductory essay on the life and work of the author, the publishing house specialized on E-books from Dusseldorf presents most comprehensive collection of the works of the great writer. Over 7000 pages (in the printed version) cover any major fonts: novels, short stories, biographies, a drama, poems and branch farewell letter. Only the table of contents is over 20 pages. “” “” “” “” Here an excerpt: the impatience of the heart “, Schachnovelle”, burning secret, Brazil a country of the future”, Marie Antoinette”, the gunman”Maria Stuart”, trip to Russia”the collection includes also an introductory essay on the life and work of the author. Stefan Zweig was worldwide during his lifetime one of the most successful German-language writers, he was soon translated into many languages. His work was greatly stylistically and extensive.

Branch, one as a silent, humanist and early Europeans, especially among the horrors of that suffering, was two world wars Multitalented: Poet, storyteller, playwright and historian. The Publisher concludes Allen Poe in his best-selling collections of works by Franz Kafka and Edgar. Information about the book and links to all shops under branch collections for all shops, all readers and for all major formats of the zero founded by Jurgen Schulze more collections of works under paper publishing published exclusively on digital media and is specialized in the processing of public domain books. It not only books from public sources are processed, but edited, transferred to the new German orthography, commented and largely well illustrated. With a complete edition of the Grimm fairy tale, the Publishing House has published one of the most successful books on the German E-book market 2011. In 2012 the Publisher could several books in the top 10 of various E-book stores place already, including Amazon Kindle, Apple iTunes, Thalia, and Libri. Contact: Jurgen Schulze null Paper publishing monastery str.

GmbH Management

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While the companies engaged the flexible, location-independent access to information keyword mobile solutions, the integration of social networks in ECM systems, as well as solutions to the improved collaboration (collaboration) increasingly ECM solutions from the cloud. SharePoint is one of the most famous collaboration applications. Corresponding potentials and projects be lit on September 25 in a special of the DOK.magazins. In addition, in particular public administration dealing with software for the management of electronic records. During the DMS EXPO, these topics within the framework of the programme and the exhibition will play a dominant role.

ECM optimized dialog of the public administration and enterprises and the theme day DMS is designed specifically for representatives of the public administration as engine management processes citizens”instead. Electronic records are planned under other lectures to focus on in “Authorities and municipalities” and support for the E-files selection in public procurement “management consulting Zoller & Partner GmbH and two user presentations and a panel discussion. Mainly due to the upcoming E-Government Act, this theme day shows interesting aspects. The Bill proposes to promote the electronic communications of the public administrations with the economy and the citizens. ECM systems can make an important contribution for this purpose. New developments in output management the output-management area is, since the DMS EXPO in Stuttgart will take place continuously grown, is the trade fair this year and also significantly shape the framework programme.

Current trend topics such as mobility, the provision of content on different channels (mail, portal, fax, E-Mail) and accessibility influence increasingly this segment of the market. The visitors at the DMS EXPO can find suitable answers to these and other developments. ECM-award goes to the next round also awarded Pentadoc and 2013 computer week again the ECM award. This is to show the benefits of ECM for the company. Instead of technology, the user stands with its requirements at the Centre. “” “” The prize will be awarded in four categories: innovative project implementation “and sustainability” in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland, and ECM manufacturer of the year “and best ECM solution of the year” across for the DACH region. The award ceremony will take place on 25 September. On the DMS EXPO: The DMS EXPO will take place this year on the Stuttgart trade fair from September 24 to 26. As a leading trade fair for enterprise content management (ECM), she informed about all facets of digital information management. The range of topics ranging from document management (DMS) and output management to E-post, de-mail and input management. “Under the claim where IT works” it forms together with the parallel IT & business, trade fair for IT solutions, and the CRM-expo, leading trade fair for customer relationship management, from the entire spectrum of enterprise software. 2013 is the focus on cloud computing, big data, industry 4.0 and mobile solutions. Suitable to the overarching concept, the trade fairs with a ticket can be visited. The ticket costs 25 euros at the box office (reduced 15).

SoxinAbox Commissioned

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Sox-in-A-box will sustainably increase brand reach and brand awareness in Europe. is an online shop for socks and stockings. Now 13 years, the incomparable Sox in A used box socks subscription of permanent, faithful to the style and efficient socks supply entrepreneurs and managers, who with their (free) time need to economize, so economically and automatically make the socks purchase and which rely on excellent products. High-quality, black or coloured socks are regularly and / or knee-length socks – all products are guaranteed “Made in Germany” – delivered reliably and comfortably home. Modern technologies enable new opportunities for branding in digital and mobile channels. As an expert TP commissioned now theory & practice GmbH, to open up new ways of online marketing and outreach, awareness and reputation of the brand in the target group to increase or improve.

“Very interesting and crucial the close interaction of TP was theory & practice for us GmbH with the creative and welcoming University environment. We set on the establishment and optimization of the basics of online marketing as well as fresh and unconventional measures”, said Kai Kruger, owner of SOX-in-A-box. Press contact: TP theory & practice GmbH Uwe Gernot Fasold E-Mail: Sox in A box, Berlin, is an online shop for socks and stockings and related products, “made in Germany”, the holder is Kai Kruger. TP theory & practice society of research and new communication mbH, Berlin, Managing Director Uwe gene red Fahd, is specializing in holistic corporate communications, brand management, marketing in digital and mobile media.


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The second anniversary of former POMADE is celebrated with a large expansion in the field of the mobile exhibition walls In February/March 2011 the trade fair presented EX POMADE on the EuroShop trade fair system. 2013 celebrates it therefore his second and can already look back on numerous missions and a large accessory range. Especially with the extension of the digital elements, the EX POMADE trade fair system also for the third year has undertaken a successful step into the future. 2011, the system impressed the trade visitors at EuroShop with innovative modular construction principle and the effective use of space. The outstanding 3, 50 m-high tower secured not just an attention-grabbing advertising presentation, but at the same time the use of a storage area on the inside of the tower. Due to the continuous Groove, the modular principle can be implemented and create an individual design for each appearance. But no matter the EX POMADE trade fair system was supplemented by what products, mobility was always in the foreground. A large part of the Product extensions is mobile transport and is enormous cost-efficient transport.

The maximum divisibility of all components is the main reason for the high mobility and thus flexibility of EX POMADE of trade fair system. As a result, even the 3, 50 m-high trade fair Tower in the appropriate Transportcases can be packed. The optimum use of space is achieved with each of the products by EX POMADE. While the tower can be used as a storage room cabin, the carrying case on site with shelves can also be used as storage space. In addition the Interior of bar systems can as storage space for advertising or brochures also used and so always make sure to provide sufficient information material.

EX POMADE promises not only the optimal presentation of printed, but also digital content in the digital age. With the expansion of digital elements such as the Tablet stele or the monitor Panel is the presentation area for the interactive content not only advanced but uncomplicated in the exhibition system. The increasing combination of real world at the booth and online virtual reality is the use of such interfaces such as monitors or Tablet-PC BBs more important. 2012 was extended so the spectrum of these interfaces and at the same time the website revised by Not only the different EX POMADE sets were presented with a new look, but also the accessories and mounting elements and the numerous references. 2013, you may be looking forward to new product enhancements. Especially in the area of the exhibition wall EX POMADE plans some extensions to enable a professional appearance especially on smaller footprint without losing the famous EX POMADE flexibility. So you stop by and visit us at. end of March we will be the new product showcase first.

Biometric Clocks

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Characteristics of the watches biometric and the systems biometric biometric clocks are used very often in offices, in many other institutions and air terminals, due to its efficiency to take care of security, its precision and its speed. These devices make use of biometrics, which is the new paradigm in the identification process. Biometrics is the science that deals with analyzing and establish the qualities that make different to all human beings. In this way, biometrics has been able to work on factors such as fingerprints, iris or retina patterns, hand geometry and patterns of veins. This type of qualities are called physical, but there are other qualities that are order behavioral such as how to walk, how to write and the manner of speaking. All these qualities are intrinsic to every human being and it is therefore that they can be used in many applications such as security and control.

In this way, is that it has been possible to create a number of developments, among which the clocks biometric shine with their own light. To use a biometric clock, the Organization and its staff must go through a workout. This training includes terminology and the study of the basic components of the system. In the course principles, processes, equipment and an introduction are also indicators biometric such as fingers, face, voice, hand and retina. Companies who design and install these technologies, can send personnel to train their clients, even though it also has interactive courses online.

Whether with staff or by Internet, the purpose of these trainings is to help incorporate and maintain biometric verification systems. Biometric clocks can be connected to the mechanism of a door and as soon as that is the access, the door closes automatically. Most of these devices also have voice commands, telling the user if you can login to a particular site, or if there have been problems with the analysis of your biometric sample. One of the things that most called the attention of the persons or organizations that adopt these technologies is that biometric clocks can be attached to other systems. Thus, these devices can be connected by Internet or intranet with other systems, to establish very complete control and security systems. Companies, should today, train their employees about the importance and use of biometric systems and biometric clocks in particular. Biometric systems are appliances that analyze particular qualities, such as fingerprints. With the use of these systems you can count with mechanisms for access control and many more applications.

Plastic Surgery

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Dear women, girls, ladies, ladies! Have long wanted to ask you: you are not bored painful torment themselves anti-aging treatments? How much can you suffer? After all, going under the knife plastic surgeon, you can never be confident in the future result. Do you think that in the 21st century did not invent cosmetic products that can make your skin beautiful, smooth, supple, young totally without surgery? I can understand the operations that are needed: to save human life. Suppose, when you need to cut out appendicitis or cancer. That's when really necessary intervention of a doctor. But I will never understand the one who lies down on the operating table, in order to tighten the skin. What is it? You are so lazy to make time for yourself and just make in your lifestyle treatments for the face? Or maybe you're still think that there is no make-up, which fully cope with the inevitable aging process? You are very much in doubt. In April 2010, the cosmetic Russian market A unique tool that can cope with such problems.

Now you have access facelift, improving its color, get rid of "bags" under the eyes of inflammation, "black spots" and much more. And all this without surgery! The thing is special makeup technology, called "intelligent crystals." They are specifically designed to provide immediate visible effect of smoothing out wrinkles and lift the face contour, providing lifting effect, giving skin a healthy glow and appearance. "Smart crystals" can maximize the effect of the components contained in creams, lotions, scrubs. This is due to the fact that these substances adjust the skin cells to correct operating frequency. And is not required for cell regeneration? If you still have doubts about the incredible properties of the Israeli cosmetics DeSheli, what's stopping you try to imagine this miracle product? Especially, we want to assure you that thousands of women have already tried these tools and after seeing the effect of said "NO" to plastic surgery. And it's not just words. The company wants to DeSheli take care of you and does so on heart and with great responsibility. Source:

VOICEAuthentication Solutions

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A convenient and secure solution that enables it, forgotten”to just reset passwords by biometric speaker authentication, provides the VOICE.TRUST technology. Munich, January 15, 2008 are spoken word pairs, from which the system of everyone can clearly verify basis for user-friendly and highly secure authentication. In addition to the high user friendliness and security helps the system to reduce help desk costs, significantly reducing the number of help desk requests through the use of biometric speaker verification. With more than 1.5 million international licenses that are used in the financial services, insurance, automotive, and the health care industry, the company is world market leader in the field of biometric Sprecheridentifikations-and authentication systems. Joint development of new services VOICE.TRUSTs know-how in the field of biometric Sprecherauthentifzierungs solutions complement ideally with Siemens expertise in security solutions, hosted services, as well as in the financial sector. The cooperation opens up new possibilities, as speaker authentication in the future successful can be used in the financial and telecommunications industries”, explains Michael Kramer, CEO and founder of the VOICE.TRUST AG.

Siemens Enterprise Communications will start at the beginning of the first quarter 2008, to bind its employees on the new biometric password reset system. While the solution as a manageable global voice service should be available to external customers. Siegfried Schallen Muller, head of the business branch of professional services and solution management at Siemens Enterprise Communications, explains: “our choice on the VOICE password-reset technology was after a thorough evaluation.TRUST. Reasons for our choice were the high level of user friendliness and the possibility of using the VOICE.TRUST technology save costs and to be able to offer our customers these cost savings”, so Bowls Muller. He continues: Siemens Enterprise communications become the solution provider in the field of language communication of more and more. Therefore complements and extends this voice biometric solution our solution portfolio perfectly.” About VOICE.TRUST AG: The 2000-based VOICE.TRUST AG, headquartered in Munich is world market leader in the area of authentication solutions using speaker verification and sets the industry standard with common criteria certified solutions. The company’s portfolio includes self-service solutions for automated password reset, caller – and multi-factor authentication for different operations. The VOICE.TRUST technology allows to implement quickly and easily secure biometric Sprecherverfikations and automation solutions in existing security networks, help-desk structures, mobile payment, – Commerce, banking and other self-service solutions.

To the customers, the operational costs in the user authentication section to up to 80 % Could reduce, renowned insurance and financial services include banking etc., global service providers such as Deutsche Post and mobile service provider such as E.g. O2 such as Allianz, HypoVereinsbank, Volkswagen. Total has VOICE.Award to best international Fortune 500 companies TRUST over 1.


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Internet and the movable telephone have become the two tools more demands of essential Web 2,0 and in the society as it points the second study made by the Observatory of Tendencies of Nokia. To leave house without the moving body or to be in the same without a connection to Internet, turns to the individual into a isolated being since great part of its social surroundings does through sms, Facebook, electronic mail or Messenger. This eagerness to group the greater number of tools in a unique support has turned to the terminals into the friendly faithfuls of all the users because they satisfy great part with the daily needs. If a long time ago it was unthinkable, and almost insurmountable, to be able to accede to the mail through moving body, to connect us to the social networks, to watch or to listen to the radio, now it arrives the last great invention: The dominions .tel. By rare and similar that they seem to the rest (.com, .edu, .org) anything they have to do with them. These allow the users to know any type information of contact of the holder (company or individual) of the dominion of immediate form from the movable telephone. With a dominion, l, and one simple application in the form of directory, do not require of development of a page Web, are possible to offer information of contact of the company of public way, restricted or with keys for clients, suppliers In the case of the individuals the operation in similar since in the directory of l it can appear the information of contact that I was desired the holder of the dominion and, if necessary, to restrict part of the same for its friendly group, family, known These new dominions are characterized, in addition, because they store the information within the terminals with access to Internet, of such way, that they are updated continuously and they allowed to realise of automatic form any type of contact. Next a graphical example of the application appears: From the 24 of March, already the dominion is available .tel concerning user from nine Euros after a period of time where they were the companies those that reserved their dominions. Although in Spain still it is not very well-known, in countries like the United States, where during both first days one hundred thousand dominions were registered, generic words in English and Spanish are already reserved to the main dominions of important companies, like most of. Original author and source of the article

Leadership Based On Trust

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I want to present my own definition of leadership – one more of many in circulation – that seeks to encompass and summarize the most important aspects to exercise leadership based on trust. I have also allowed us to include some aspects of the definition to facilitate understanding and to facilitate their assimilation. For those who want to integrate the competence of leadership based on trust, I propose a simple formula – the four "P" – for you find it easier to review and learning. Suerte. "Leadership is influence positively, with discipline and training, about a group of people, from the confidence, motivation, communication, humility and example, with consistency, empathy and mutual respect, achieving cohesion and commitment of the team to achieve the goal or result in line with the values and culture of the company. " CO nstancia: We summarize with the word, the variables of discipline and training. There is no point considering a goal – any – if not accompanied by a constant attitude, effort, organization and planning. The leader is responsible for planning their own skills training program – alone or with outside help (coach) – and constantly exercise them until those skills are incorporated into your unconscious.

Moreover, with respect to your computer, you must act with discipline (positive) and commitment to achieve the objectives. CO nfianza: A leader creates confidence and only when acting with consistency and safety. Consistently, when: – Acts in line with company values – acts consistent with their own values and principles (integrity) – What you say (verbal communication) is consistent with how he says it (nonverbal communication) – Meet the expectations created (fulfills the promises) – It behaves and acts in the same way he wants to act and behave in your computer (give example). Surely, when: – Demonstrates full technical mastery of his work (is responsible). – Assume their own mistakes and rejects the proposal to do something if you do not have the knowledge or skills necessary (having humility).

Munication CO: Communication, together with confidence are the two aspects – at least for me – more important for leadership. Perhaps because they encompass, in turn, many intrinsic aspects that require further analysis of each of them involves motivating communicate, communication is involved in the coherence values are transmitted communicating, nonverbal communication, etc … In general terms However, we can affirm that the leader: – Communicate to your computer (individual and group) what is expected of them sets expectations and determines the scope of responsibilities (empowerment) – Recognize (publicly) the achievements and merits of colleagues (motivation). – Listen to your computer (active listening), showing respect and interest in their worries and concerns (empathy). – Express clearly, both the positive and which need to be improved (give feedback). Mpromiso CO: Taking a commitment to participate actively involved with dedication and lasting, in a project. With respect to the trust, the credibility of a leader means that: – Take responsibility for a mistake on your computer – Waiver of personal gain for the benefit of the group in all, and with the good intention to be brief, the purpose of leadership based on trust that I present, no different from other theories, while none other than achieving the cohesion of the team to achieve the objective. My proposal is that trust is the basis for leadership and to achieve team cohesion and purpose of the organization. By working the 4 "CO" will generate the confidence to lead. We. Greetings, Juan Fenollar Contentto Managing Partner – Training & CoachingInnovation-