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If you are a student, opposition, you begin to study for the first time or after a long time and you want to memorize easily and have fun while you do it, take a look at what comes next. It is no secret, that is how your mind works. In fact, all the things that you remember (for exams or not) have any (s) of the following properties. It will surprise you to check that, without knowing it, you were already using many of them. Sensations Humor, fun, ridiculous, ridiculous, absurd, pleasure, anguish, speed, pace, smells/tastes aromatic, sweet, salty, spicy, bitter, sour image distance: far, fence, kilometric, millimeter space: size Dimension: 2D, 3D movement: constant, acceleration, braking, jumps, speed (slow, fast, supersonic,) light, in curve (a right-wing, left), in slope (up, down) direction (toward): in, out, left, right, up, down, frontback Location: above, below, enmedio, inside, outside, front, back, side, around them, surrounding Color: all color white and black shades: grays, warm, cold, pastel, Luz: bright, blinding, flashing, luminous signboard (neon), clarity, darkness quantity: much, little, too much, abundant nature of the image: transparent, opaque, saturation, contrast, focus, brightness, type (slide, photo, picture, drawing, film camera slow, fast, forward, backward) dimensioning: With limits: gated, walled, isolated, bubble without time limits: frequency: never, often, always, just; duration: insufficient, excess, short, low, long, short sounds interrupted, monaural, stereo, constant volume (high, low), shrill, tone (mild, acute, severe), digital, plastic, metal, creaking, instrument (piano, organ, guitar, violin, flute, ukulele, harp, harpsichord, ) You can visit with what store original author and source of the article for an even more comprehensive listing.

Ford Product

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Internet marketing trends are not casual or whimsical, they obey to the trends of the markets. And the markets are formed by consumers, said otherwise impressionable or sensitive people to new technologies. The stage in her scene that unfolds the online interaction has been transformed completely in recent times. The internet is not already understood as a model of one-way communication, where an issuer who exposes a message or product to the community-made its proposal, taking only as parameter the levels of sales. At present, not only consumer is expressed by buying, they have voice and vote. And the voice of the consumer will have a direct impact on our aspirations for success online. For this reason, we have the first peculiar element of contemporary marketing: the conception of our target as a community, who not only will interact with us, but that will do so among themselves, creating a body with a large specific weight when scheduling our marketing strategies on-line.

The second distinctive ingredient is the superpersonalizacion. It is given by two conditions: the maximum product adequacy to the needs of the consumer are increasingly far from the proverbial saying everyone may have a Ford in any color, provided it is black-; and the increasingly less massive than advertising guidelines must have to achieve their maximum effectiveness. Who aspire to achieve high click through rates, i.e., the maximum amount of people clicking your links, must resign themselves to a specificity of the target, incompatible with mass communication. Don’t get wrong. Still wish that our advertisements reach the maximum exposure, only that we want to have it in the specific target of our product.

The development of new technological media has also impacted on online advertising practices. No we can overlook the fact, therefore, the rise of the use of social networks. Far from having to make an effort to adapt, we should thank the have to our provision, such as advertisers, these formidable tools that we will face to face with the ideal customers for our products and services. Consequently, it is necessary to include them in our advertising strategies, process in which many companies today do not reach the desired success. Access to social networks via cell phone leads us to the cusp of the customization. What advertiser wouldn’t like to have your prospects of sales representative and drinking personal mobile phone number? Well now you have something like, the ability to get their message of digital marketing directly to the cell phone of many of them. In other words, One-On-One marketing has elevated to the power that theory of the 1960s on the segmentation of markets, long to its maximum expression. This without doubt, as a product that its web site, is only facing its final consumer without masses of by means, without opinions, only your site and the client. Those who know to take advantage of this facility will have much of the battle won in maximizing sales over the internet.

USB Data

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There are very few people who has seen a hard drive. Unlike floppy disks (or floppy disks), the hard disk are so delicate that they should be permanently introduced in an aluminum housing. Everything you see, is the own disk drive, a box of metal with some circuits. There is no easy way of entering the box to view the disk: open the disc means to contaminate it. Units only have open in clean rooms, or rooms where workers wear costumes of surgeon and the air is filtered so that it does not contain dust particles.

Some discs are included in removable cartridges that are inserted into the unit, but most are non-removable disk. IBM invented the small non-removable disk drives and named informaticamente Winchester (apparently, due to the code number of the unit coincided with a popular Winchester rifle model number). Tracks, sectors and heads of the hard disk. Despite all this impressive armor, a hard drive is not very different from a diskette in the lower range. The data is recorded in the form of magnetic flows written in circles around the center ring of the disc. Each one of the concentric circles form a track, and each track is divided into a number of segments called sectors. The read/write head moves from the outer edge of the disc to the center ring, standing on the track that contains the information you need the computer. Once in proper position, head expects to find the correct sector of track under it, and then reads or writes data to the sector as it passed underneath.

Disco duro, CD, DVD, floppy. Hard drives differ from other storage media, in densities that are recorded on the surface of the disk data and the speed at which they operate. A difference from other media, the hard disk can contain up to ten times, more data on each track. Such data density needs to be placed a head of read/write very small and very close to the surface of the disc. Any flexibility that may remain on the disk would make this you skip and hits the read/write head. For this reason the disc is made from a hard surface, using rigid aluminum plates coated with magnetic material. Data recovery Recover hard drive data recovery company from HDD, Maxtor, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Toshiba, Quantum, Western Digital, Samsung, Seagate, IBM. Specialized in operating systems Windows Vista, XP 95 98 ME, Unix, Linux, MAC OS X, Novell. Interfaces SCSI, IDE, ATA, SATA, SAS, USB, RAID, laptop, external. Recovery of Datos Hard disk recovery Source of the article and original author data recovery

Billing Telematics

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In this article we give an introduction in: what relationship does the invoice telematics and digital invoice and electronic invoicing? What obligations have companies that emit and receive electronic invoices in your telematic invoicing process? If we must have special considerations with corrective invoices. Laws main Spanish regulate telematics billing / electronic invoicing. What is the facturae in this context? To begin with, we want to emphasize that there are many synonyms that are used to define the telematic invoicing. Digital invoice digital invoicing, eInvoice, electronic billing facturae, billing, invoice, telematics, etc. Although they resemble, there may be nuances to consider.

You can extend this writing and more information in the articles: the Bill digital and electronic billing (e-Bill) do relate the invoice telematics with the digital invoice and electronic invoicing? When we refer to the invoice telematics, are explaining the processes of referral to a distance of invoices by electronic means (remission telematics), without making the invoice itself telematics. The electronic invoice is one that complies with prescribed in Directive 115/2001 in Spain (or the national standards which transpose, as RD 1496 / 2003), and therefore meets certain criteria of integrity and authenticity. And the digital invoice is one that is accompanied by digital signature, one of the most effective modalities of authenticity and integrity laid down in accordance with the rules. Therefore, we must conclude that the digital invoice is a particular case of the electronic invoice. We could talk and not invoice billing telematics telematics, however the use of the terms is correct invoice and billing along with electronic and digital adjectives. In relation to the aspects to consider in electronic billing projects, it should be differentiate if the main role is the issuer of bills or the receiver of invoices. What obligations have companies that emit electronic invoices in their processes of billing telematics? Keep the data in invoices (copy or matrix).


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If you use your phone to surf the Web, view photos, videos, or movies, fullscreen style is recommended, if you are a more focused user productivity you need answer many emails a day and edit spreadsheets and documents, one that has included Qwerty keyboard suits you. Conclusion as it relates to the design of the equipment, it is important to make a reflection about the importance of the design aesthetic and define what will be the main uses, for example, If you want to take photos at parties, so easy what do a self-portrait? It has a mirror to see you or screen double to frame the photo? If you write many text messages, is com the keyboard? are the keys small? is it easy to use? It has functions of auto-complete text (T9)? You can write messages with one hand?, if you’re going to surf the internet, do need a stylus (feather screen)?, among others. Music playback, with regard to the reproduction of music there are two main formats, used by iphones and MP3 for everyone else. In my personal opinion, I prefer MP3 files for compatibility that have become the standard market format, although there are format converters, you lose a little of the sound quality and long time when are considerable amounts of information. It is important to analyze if the computer has playback options appropriate to our needs such as: equalizers, lists of reproduction, sort folders, play audio books, as well as audio fidelity. Capture pictures: this point is simple, the more mega pixels have a camera, better is its definition except, in the case of cameras that use digital interpolation. A pixel is the smallest unit in which decomposes an image (a point), a mega pixel is equal to one million pixels, therefore, the amount of pixels in an image, is related with its quality and the level of distortion that present to make an enlargement (pixelation), therefore, if someone is going to enlarge an image to print a poster, or publish a magazineYou will need to take photos with a more mega pixels camera that someone who is going to print size photos photo frame or that is going to send an email, but in the case of a camera with interpolation digital (as it is the case of low-cost with many mega pixels and a small lens cell) what they do is simulate a larger image that in reality they take, using a computational program that fill in gaps (gaps in the image) pixels with colors that are appropriate according to the surrounding pixels, thus takes a picture, enlarge it and fills in the holes to make it look like an image of higher resolution (more mega pixels), outcomes are generally good, but not as much as a real resolution camera. .

Invoice Electronics

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Thanks to modifications to the tax voucher scheme has suffered in this year, the electronic invoice in Mexico has taken an overwhelming importance. The economic package approved for the 2010 considers this point as an important part in its development, but with certain encodings key so that his expedition is carried out correctly. For all those who still do not know perfectly well the points these modifications, are listed below and explained:-electronic invoicing in amounts greater than two thousand pesos shall be compulsory for all taxpayers. For this purpose the user has the option of issuing the invoice from the page sat, being a 100% free service, or through another provider previously contracted for this purpose. -Electronic invoices may run out of print; i.e., the same file has the value equivalent to the printed invoices. For that reason the use of paper only necessary for those operations to present amounts less than two thousand pesos.

With these two points You can see that the future of companies will be the electronic invoice, because it is gradually becoming a necessary factor if invoices you wish without limitation by the invoiced amount. Also found that issuing this type of invoice also serves to expedite the communication flow between company and customer. The doubt arises when analysing the situation of the country and the Mexican companies in this category. According to statistics presented by the SAT, in the past five years more than 26 thousand taxpayers have issued this type of Digital tax proof. Thus, 373 million electronic invoices have been issued, where more than half have processed using the facilities that gives the SAT and the rest supported by other vendors. To learn more about this type of electronic invoices, it is suggested to enter the portal of the SAT:, which responds to the main doubts and even guides you hand to start issuing this type of tax receipt..

Fashion Life

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According to sources, the stamped paper of the hospital and the doctor’s name were real, but this statement had not been issued by the hospital, and according to what we’ve seen, its content is completely false. In conclusion, according to our investigations we have determined, that this message that has been circulating in the Dominican Republic, simulating that it has emerged from the Attorney-General’s Office, is really a copy of another message to circulate in Mexico, in August 2007 and in June 2008, also simulating being in the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) of Mexicowhich was denied in a statement published in the newspaper digital garbage and dated 17 June of the current year. com that reads: the Attorney General of the Republic said that a dispatch of press that this afternoon was ascribed to the institution through various means is false press releases, where alert to parents, teachers and education authorities about the sale or gift of impregnated decals with drug LSD outside of campuses. The spokeswoman for the PGR in the State of Tabasco, jasmine Diaz said that the document is a forgery with the logo of the PGR who appeared glued this Tuesday at various campuses of preschool and elementary school in the center of the city of Mexico. Definitely, there are no the most minimal chance that a child may be victim of this drug through tattoos and/or self adhesive decals. However, we cannot ignore that any child or adolescent at any time may be at risk of any form of provocation or innuendo associated with these substances, if we as parents don’t take care of their environment. This type of message was described as a computer virus HOAX calls, as summarized in it page specialized in VSantivirus computer viruses, in date April 12, 2001, and according to Wikipedia verbatim is defined as: A HOAX is nothing more than an attempt to make believe a person or group of people that something false is real (the English translation to the Spanish is deception, hoax, mockery). In Spanish-speaking countries the term was popularized mainly referring to massive cheating by electronic means especially through the Internet.

It is a message of e-mail with false or deceptive content. It is usually distributed in chain by its successive receivers because of its shocking content that seems to come from a serious source and reliable or because the same message requests to be forwarded. As you can see that information has been repeating from time to time with the same content as is State broadcasting since early 1990s, hope that nobody in their right mind pay to disseminate this type of messages, since it creates disturbance and nervousness to the Dominican family and the world, while we’re saturating Internet networksThis being the ultimate purpose of the creators of such messages. JORGE LUIS VARGAS r. diploma high Corporate Security Coordinator General Chapter security Dominicano July 07, 2008. -Security specialist, certificate in senior management from security corporate Blogs related to all parents in the world Unjubilado Toyota Service Bulletin Shock absorb Replacement Criteria the probative value of photocopies.

Ministry Of Industry

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The Ministry of industry, tourism and trade to recognized the Puleva health website as one of the best websites for the past 20 years on the occasion of the award ceremony organized by the Agency to reward the work of web pages that presented his candidacy to take over one of the awards that were delivered last week at a Grand gala held at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos y Exposiciones de Madrid, within the framework of the III International exhibition of digital contents (FICOD). The website of Puleva health obtained this recognition thanks to the valuation of a jury who had to choose winners among about a hundred web sites submitted to qualify for any of the awards, whose purpose is to recognize the effort and work done by individuals and corporations in the maintenance of their websites during the past 20 years. Among the criteria which has valued the jury to determine the winners are levels of accessibility and usability of web sites candidates, representativeness which have maintained, its constant evolution and innovation and creativity that offer their users. The Puleva health web site is a portal of nutrition and welfare which opened in the year 2001 and that now surpasses 6 million visitors a year. Others honored by and .es domain Web pages have been the sites of Coca Cola, Nestle TV, the newspaper El Mundo and the website of RTVE.

Mentana Claimsoft Gmb

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You accompanied your customers competently during the entire project, and beyond. From consulting to installation and configuration and subsequent support. Also in this year, the k + k introduces new and innovative software solutions in the areas of digital files, invoice processing, contract management, and email management. K7 IT-solutions GmbH stands for many years of experience and established solutions in the areas of scanning, payment systems, electronic archive systems, document management, data extraction, and processing. The DMS EXPO addressed among other things the network scanning”K7 – with a solution, the scan data from any Sources (multifunction devices of MFPs, network scanner) in the branch network collects, prepares and delivers precisely and consistently in the respective target systems. claim-Mentana-soft = secure documents – secure communication. Protect digital documents in the digital age through processing, transport to the proof value obtained long term archiving – task of Mentana Claimsoft GmbH. The main focus is in addition to the de email, email verification and – archiving on the scan signature according to TR-RESISCAN and maintain the proof value signed files by TR ESOR.

With the hash safe in the certificate Mentana works with digital archives and offers consulting to the certification according to TR-RESISCAN. PDO Europe shows BD (BluRay) products by pioneer and Mitsubishi Kagaku media. The optical archive group (OPARG) certifies and monitors the quality of BD products for archiving to ensure a lifetime of at least 50 years. Stand behind OPARG the company pioneer, Mitsubishi Kagaku media, Victor advanced media, as well as many Hardware and software partners. PDO Europe delivers not only BD, UDO and MO products for archiving, but offers also services related to optical storage solutions such as custom packaging and cleaning as well as recovery and recycling. has developed a solution the Reviscan AG for the revision-proof storage, the immutability of data with qualified signatures and timestamps can externally be confirmed according to signature law without leaving commercial data to the computer.

Lisa Schmalz

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Planning, monitoring, evaluation In the intranetfahigen control of the software can test orders for inspections during production not only planned, but quality management of supervised also by all PCs of the Department. The whole production structure is represented on the screen, so parts and test plans can be tracked and associated in the running production process. Based on the the iqs test planning test plans created by using the desired control charts are generated automatically. The evaluation of samples always informed about the quality of the production. Although offers the module IQ SPC extensive evaluation possibilities such as machine tool, nest -, batch – or order-related to, certain statistical Evaluations of the test data at plant 5 but continue to be about qs-STAT by the company Q-the. While however before introduction of iqs SPC an employee exclusively worked, to enter the measured values in the statistics system, SPC data iqs now automatically transmitted via the DFQ data format to QA STAT.

Measurable benefits the benefits that the use of new software installed, is clearly measurable. A cooler engine, for example, consists of a variety of items. Inspections during production has been already here in the production of precursors, costs could be avoided by the further processing of defective parts. The process is controlled before an error is created or produced by Committee. So only the installation of items with incorrect length prior to introduction of iqs SPC a common mistake resulted in high cost of scrap. Through the use of the software today no scrapping costs more. “Also the error wrong type” has been completely eliminated. In the production of commercial vehicles modules could the error rate by a factor of 10 has been reduced.

The ppm numbers relating to pipes and Pressworks to this factor has fallen by as well. Consistent monitoring and control of the processes, as well as compliance with the quality control circle has brought the implementation of the zero-error strategy, in the factory of 5 within reach. Higher customer satisfaction customer satisfaction also has benefited the new software. Any claims much is now faster track which batch numbers of a complaint are affected, the error and its formation period exactly distinguish itself up. Also the opinions on complaints can be answered now not only more accurate, but above all also much faster: an employee needed to comprehensively analyze an error, once a week, all information, and also customer-specific parameters are already after a short time. So, also includes compliance with the inspection intervals can be traced easily. In addition, all customer documents at your fingertips are always quickly and easily available. Outlook inspections during production with the module IQ SPC has to produce Behr of his vision with 0 ppm and to reach a value of 100%, a good deal closer. A high degree of standardization and shortest cycle times were achieved by focusing on the production processes. The quality management systems ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949 and Ford Q1, after which, Behr is already certified, underline these high quality standards. The next steps in relation to the inspection during production are the connection of also the latest machines on the iqs of SPC, as well as the ability to stop the production process in the absence of a test interval automatically.