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American Airlines

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Every time they are plus the people who form and buy their Trips in Internet. In countries like England, Spain, Germany, Italy and the United States the numbers show that more of 70% of the travellers they go to Internet to buy his trips; in the Latin American countries the numbers are much more low but we go in that tendency although the fear is a great obstacle. In a survey that realises in Colombia to men and women of several groups of ages I could identify something interesting. In the group of people between 25 and 35 years, group that begins to have certain buying capacity to travel and is very exhibited to the Internet for being it starts off of a digital generation and by all the phenomenon of social networks, draws attention that a 30% declared to feel fear to make purchases in Internet by a possible one swindle or deceit. On the other hand an ample majority of 70% declared not to feel fear.

Nevertheless 92% said to have made purchases online and a 70% have made purchases with certain frequency. On the previous thing two conclusions can be removed: people between 25 and 35 years or it counts on ample experience of purchases in Internet and is usual within its habits to resort to the Network to buy products or services. Nevertheless there is an important percentage that still it feels fear to make transactions online. With respect to the Trips in Internet there is many operators like airlines, hotels, companies of rent of cars, companies of entertainment, etc, that count on very safe vestibules and footbridges of totally reliable payments. It is worth the pain to mention that the companies to those who we bought to them do not have access to the data of our credit card because they are the suppliers of systems of payments of those companies that make the verification of the data and in addition the information is encriptada in its data bases to avoid frauds with credit cards; this way we do not have to be scared to make our purchases in Internet. But how to know if he is safe to buy our Trips in Internet? First is to know a little the company which we are buying to him, is important that it has certain trajectory in the market or that it is recommended by somebody well-known or the social networks that present/display valuable information. In the case of airlines there will be problems of no purchases online with companies like Avianca, Airs, LAN, American Airlines, Very important etc.! we are speaking of the security to give the data of our credit card without having problems of frauds, cloning, swindle, etc. In the case of hotels if one is not a recognized hotel is of much utility to investigate in the page, a social network of hotels where we can find opinions of many travellers; if the qualification of the hotel is good surely there will be no problems with the purchases in his vestibule. I would like that you left a commentary me on this article, how it is your experience with the Trips Online Trips in Internet? Already purchases your tiquetes, hotels, rent of car and other services of trips in Internet? What problems you have, what you would want to learn?


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The best advice on voip asterisk is essential to select and implement an advanced and complete ACD call center implement both the Asterisk technology pbx, underlying CTI and put switch attention to IP telephony. On the Internet today, you can download a huge amount of different data: documents of text, programs, images, videos, etc. Not long ago, the great masses of Internet users have learned that the human voice can also be encoded and become one of the types of data that can be transmitted through the Internet anywhere, even on the other end of the world. To convert the digital voice data from the traditional telephone network to the Internet, it was necessary to create a device enabling the transition from analog voice switching to electronic packet switching circuits. Its use has allowed to obtain a telephone conversation on the Internet, to transmit over long distances and carry to anywhere in the world a normal telephone network. This technology known as IP telephony or, more precisely, voice over IP, or VoIP. This technology increasingly is more famous especially in developing countries.

A comparative analysis of the basic protocols used for transmission of data will help you with the selection of hardware and its most appropriate service provider. Summing up, VoIP is short for voice over IP, i.e. the transmission of voice through the Internet. A VoIP or IP telephone service consists of a computer that can make phone calls to anywhere in the world. It may be from PC to PC or PC to landline or mobile phone. Voice signals are converted into packets of data that travel over the Internet using a VoIP platform and are then converted back into the receiver. The use of VoIP requires specific modules in the router or switch that have digital processors (DSP).

In this case, the router or switch are also called voice gateways. The VoIP (voice over IP) of Cisco, one of the technology companies most famous in the world, allows to the gateway (router or switch) carry traffic of voice (e.g., telephone calls and faxes) over an IP network. In IP telephony, (DSP) digital signal processor segmented frames voice signal and stores them in voice packets. These voice packets are transported by the IP network, based on specific protocols such as ITU-T H.323 (International Union of Telecomunicaciones-Telecomunicaciones); It is also used for the transmission of video over the IP network. Reference: Source: press release sent by andgomez.

Foot Care

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Planar interdigital septum used in the compression of the toes in a narrow shoes without deviation of the first finger, the deformation of the nail plate, and a significant difference in the length of the fingers (in this case a finger nail short rubbing the skin long), the deformation of the toes (hammer toes or crossing). Antimozolnye caps and sleeves are made from a gel and are recommended in the presence of calluses on his fingers. Caps are used for problems with nail phalanx of finger (abrasions, calluses, ingrown nails, nail compression hammer toes) joints – in case of problems with other joints fingers (toes in the finger joints, compression joints to form abrasions, etc.). Inserts under the forefoot. Of silicone gel and a specially made flat or molded inserts for the front office. Thin plate of flexible material reduces the load on the same shape forefoot.

Often inserts are additionally equipped with cross instep arch, which further normalizes the anterior for flat and problems with the foot. The liner in combination with good instep relieves the foot, corns and prevent the emergence of the deviation of the thumb. The small thickness of the product allows you to wear them in the model and narrow shoes, shoes with heels, when the transverse arch and the base of the fingers had the highest load. When the deformation of fingers, with deviations of the thumb outward ear combination can be recommended, in designs that combine interdigital septum and insert anterior. With hammer and fingers crossed recommended gel ear loop that fits over a deformed finger and putting on shoes adjust its position. Bursoprotektory. This term represent a group of products used to protect the defeat of the first metatarsophalangeal joint of the friction of shoes. "Stone" on the leg, known to many women, while squeezing into narrow shoes can cause severe pain feelings that prevent walking.


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To always excuse appropriate clinical cares to each situation, promoting update and training of the nursing team, to carry through neurological the physical examination by means of the necessity presented for the patient, with emphasis in the evaluation of the level of conscience, pupils and motor force, whose intention is to detect signals of neurological deterioration precociously, deriving of the aggravation of the intracraniana pressure. As well as, the level of conscience concerning the mental state, that can be gifts or to disclose itself decurrent of the diminished cerebral perfuso. Soon, it has necessity to keep the gratings of the high beds objectifying itself to prevent the possible injuries in the patient, as the fall of the stream bed. Another very important action of nursing is evaluation of the respiratory standard which had to the risk of the patient to need orotraqueal intubao and ventilation, for compression or injury of the respiratory centers. The monitorizao of the digital hair glicosimetria for evaluation of the glicemia standards that must have lesser interventions if that 80mg/dl or greaters that 150mg/dl. as form to follow the possible effect of the used process of nursing stops with the patient, in order to stabilize its health and to make of its attendance in the sector of free emergency of damages extra-situacionais, fitting to the nurse to see and to analyze the results of the laboratoriais examinations, together with the medical team (18-20). FINAL CONSIDERAES the performance of the nurse in the room of emergency in the assistance the patients with AVC are necessary scientific knowledge, as well as, the evaluation and the correct understanding of the signals and decurrent symptoms of the AVC. Knowing itself that from the neurological evaluation, we must lead in guideline that the clinical manifestations of the patients are unstable, that is, citizens the instantaneous alterations that can confer certain importance as gradual worsenings of the conscience level and functional comprometimento of form to become irreversible. .