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Functionality Technology

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More sportingly active people exercise in the great outdoors. For them, Suunto, the leading designer and manufacturer of sports precision instrument has, Suunto quest developed. Suunto quest, the new training tool for outdoor activities, combines all the important training functions in a user friendly 3-key instrument with an attractive design. Suunto offers an interval timer and the heart rate in real time quest, including a stopwatch with lap times, which are stored by the mere touch of the display. The instrument with low weight and high wearing comfort is not only the perfect companion for outdoor sporting activities, but also a real eye-catcher. “Suunto quest is for people who like outdoor exercise, to appreciate this high-quality planning, training, and analysis functions and also place value on fashion design, as well as ease of operation”, explains Philippe Descombes, Sales Manager Suunto Switzerland. In combination with a Suunto foot POD mini delivers the Suunto quest the users also very accurate and reliable measurements of speed, distance and Cadence.

The very small and only nine grams heavy foot POD mini uses an acceleration technology, which respond immediately when changes the speed of the athlete. This is especially useful for interval training or if you walk on uneven terrain. Many runners training outdoors will use information about the step frequency, efficiently to make their speed over the entire distance. Over long distances is thus not only more evenly, but also more effective. And also the heart rate monitor will help to correct zone, get a long run or race not to early on the borders”, Jonathan Wyatt, the six-time winner of the World mountain running trophy confirmed. Suunto quest is compatible with Suunto’s online training diary and training community, on which many additional functions available are the users. Regardless of which personal one objective, Movescount offers an individual training plan quest directly on the Suunto can download.

Suunto quest is affiliated individual recommendations to the intensity or speed for an optimal training session in real time. The display can be configured in Movescount desire, so that it displays exactly the information during the training that you need. After sport training data can be wirelessly with Movestick upload mini Movescount, whereupon an individual recovery recommendation is obtained. In addition, an in-depth analysis of the training performance including graphical display of heart rate and speed is possible. Suunto quest there in the colours orange and black. Included are mini and a Suunto dual comfort a Movestick belt for heart rate measurement. Also special running packs with other useful tools are offered for ambitious runners. The Suunto quest models are from mid-September 2011 in stores from CHF 269.- available. Contact and more information of Amer Sports SA Philippe Descombes Tel. 041 784 26 26 Oppenheim & partner (Press Office) Florian Engi Tel. 044 515 65 00 about Suunto Suunto was founded in 1936 and celebrates this year 75. Anniversary. The company is a leader in the development and manufacture of sports precision instrument for diving and outdoor activities. Suunto products provide guidance and inspiration for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts, who appreciate design, accuracy and reliability.


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Economically – inexpensive – long-term – ecological until a few years ago presses, decanters and centrifuges also among the standard equipment of each wastewater treatment plant. Sludge dewatering with these mechanical systems is expensive, loud, and labour-intensive. A new way was developed at the beginning of the 1990s, to reduce sludge volume by over 90%: the EKO-PLANT sludge processing ground with reeds. Today she is an established technology with many advantages over the conventional methods. An EKO-PLANT sludge distribution grounding system is an extensive energy eco-technical system and consists of several reeds planted beds, which blend almost seamlessly into the landscape and for many insect and bird species provide a new home as a functioning ecosystem.

Energy costs in operation by up to 90% decline compared to a screen belt press, since only the feeding of filtrate water recirculation pumps must be powered. Additional costs arise only for the Plant inspection, maintenance and care, and the eviction of the beds. The long service life of over 20 years, the low noise and reliability, and last but not least, the Elimination of expenses for chemicals to the flocculation and conditioning result in additional economic benefits. The resulting liquid sludge is applied over several years on the beds. The rest is done by the means of natural processes, such as evaporation, gravity, and the metabolism of reeds and micro-organisms. In addition, the dry residue of organic shares by up to 50% is decimated by mineralization held in addition to the drainage. The long storage period of the material in the supply earthing system causes that operators need to organise the recycling of sludge not more in the short term.

In addition, one gains time in everyday work and flexibility in recovery planning. The efficiency of a sludge ver grounding system when compared to other methods of drainage is in advance of any planning involving the entirety of all Bcwwtp – and recovery steps always accurately calculate the components of construction, operation, exploitation and financing. Address EKO-PLANT development and operating company for eco-technical systems mbH Rainer Kuhlendahl Kadam fountain 11 37249 Neu-Eichenberg + 49 (0) 5542 9361-0 description of the company EKO-PLANT is a development and operating company for eco-technical equipment. As market leader we replace costly, maintenance – free and energy-intensive plants in many fields eco-technical systems. So, the customer saves costs and resources. EKO-PLANT builds sewage sludge shipping ground units that are compared to conventional drainage systems due to their low energy consumption and the natural orientation for economic efficiency, environmental protection and durability.

ETL Planning

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Cubeware importer expands the CP portfolio for planning, analysis, reporting and consolidation in the area of data management standardized data import functionality to various legacy systems including SAP connectivity offers CP users new possibilities of Rosenheim and Hamburg, September 6, 2010. Two BI (business intelligence) specialists CP corporate planning AG from Hamburg and the Cubeware Gmbhr from Rosenheim have an ISV (independent software vendor) partnership adopted. This involves tools Cubeware importer the inclusion of Datenbewirtschaftungs – and ETL (extract, transform, load) BI portfolio, corporate planning around planning, analysis, reporting and consolidation. Under the designation CP-connectivity Cubeware importer is now also the CP users an option for the automated extraction, merge, inspection and import data from different operational source systems such as accounting, ERP and POS solutions available. In the integrated interaction with the Cubeware connectivity for SAP solutions can Thus SAP tables, BAPIs, and SAP BW data sources be included in the construction of multidimensional OLAP structures either graphically via drag & drop or script language. Alike is also an integration solution for the ERP products Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV available. Corporate planning had resorted exclusively to own data import functionality, for which we had to program new interfaces”, explains Peter Sinn, CEO of CP corporate planning AG.

The Cubeware importer as open and very flexible import and modeling tool gives us the desired standardization based on OLAP and relational systems giving us and our users a high degree of added value at this point. Moreover, extremely interesting opens up via the SAP interface for the existing customers as well as new business opportunities.”Cubeware importer plays an important role not only in our own “BI solution world, but also in many ISV offerings”, Cubeware emphasizes Managing Director Hermann Hebben. We are very happy, that with corporate planning now another important BI provider is one of our partners, and its portfolio has expanded Cubeware technology.” Complementary to corporate planning the CP corporate planning AG combines business expertise, industry knowledge and sophisticated technology, in their user-oriented software solutions.

Variant Heating

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With a heat pump pool heater, extend your Badesaision pool owners who want to use your pool even at colder temperatures, rely increasingly on environmentally friendly technology. In addition to the solar systems, the heat pump as an alternative is becoming increasingly popular to the conventional pool heater. The advantages of heat pump swimming pool heating are undeniable. To choose to love the environment heat pump swimming pool heating, offers further advantages. The sophisticated technology of heat pump based on renewable energy.

The heat pump drawing power from the ambient air here, releasing concentrated into the pool water. This, emitted compared to conventional swimming pool heating, five times as much of the absorbed electrical power as heat. In addition to the low power consumption and high efficiency, easy installation also represents an enormous advantage of the heat pump as pool heating. The pool owners should choose this only the location of the heat pump wisely. Because the heat pump sucks copious amounts of air and it emits chilled again. An is therefore less useful in enclosed spaces. A place protected from the elements in the outdoor area with ample air supply is the ideal position for the heat pump. Despite the relatively high cost, the heat pump pool heater or swimming pool heating is a low-cost Variant.

Due to the relatively low running costs, this investment pays for itself in a short time. Especially with large amounts of water is a heat pump swimming pool heating the ideal solution. Electric pool heating would be here not economical and solar systems require a large footprint, achieving the same performance. Compared to other pool heaters and pool heaters, you can save a lot of money with a heat pump. Assuming a Solarheated from May to September, you need with the pool heating heat pump approx. 2200 kWh. An electric pool heater would defeat here already about 10,000 kWh to beech. One Kilowatt hour costs, applying 25 cents as a calculation basis, this is already a difference of 1-950 euro for the benefit of the heat pump. A saving that look quite can. A heat pump with 9.9 KW is sufficient large pool with a 40 m. She has a power consumption of 9.9 amps, which is equivalent to about a commercially available iron. An electric tankless water heater would have to have the same performance for example, 28 amps. To feed all this aspects in the cost calculation of the heat pump, so it closes very well off in comparison to other solutions. A low-cost pool heating with many advantages. No wonder that more and more responsible pool owner embrace environmental protection and select a pool heating or heating of modern heat pump technology. This alternative protects not only the environment, but at the same time even the purse strings of the pool owner. Contact: pool expert of Andreas Mansfeld Fraunhoferstrasse 25 D-68309 Mannheim phone: 0621-15 40 17 26 Internet: the pool expert swimming pool equipment company was founded in 2005 as a company for the distribution of hot tubs, swimming pools and sauna accessories. The experience accumulated over the years from the swimming pool and Jacuzzi area are now many customers from home and abroad.

Condensing Technology

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Potential savings through the use of condensing the gas heater is the modernization of gas heating is a heating system which can be operated with natural gas or bio-methane, but also with liquid gas (a mixture of propane and butane). Dry Harbor Nursing Home may help you with your research. The gas is burned, where heat is generated, transmitted to a medium usually water or even air. This medium, the heat transfer medium, is transported with a circulating pump in the rooms to be heated. In addition, also hot water is produced with a gas heater which can be stored in a buffer memory. Gas heating of the boiler with a burner, a gas pipeline and the fireplace is built on components essentially.

The boiler is the heart of the gas heating, which is water in the boiler approx. 30 80 C heated and used for space heating in a circuit. The protection against explosions is important when a gas heater. This is achieved via a so-called ignition fuse, which prevents, that unverbranntes Gas escaping from the gas heater. Modern gas heaters, thermocouples use this, because the thermal EMF generated by a flame, enough to keep open a solenoid valve for the gas supply. When the flame of the gas heater has gone out, a further gas supply is prevented by the closing of the solenoid valve.

This security technique particularly useful is the fact that she work without external power, but the inertness of the thermocouple can be problematic. There are conventional boilers and condensing conventional gas heaters and modern condensing boilers, which can better exploit the energy content of natural gas. When the condensing also the condensation heat of vapor can be used, which is located in the exhaust. The more hydrogen is natural gas, there will be more water vapor and more condensation heat can be used. Although the capital cost of a gas heating system with condensing technology are slightly higher, but the fuel consumption is lower, so that are to achieve savings in the long term. The energy efficiency of a condensing gas heating is significantly higher than that of a gas heater without condensing. In addition, such a heating system with much-improved emissions can score, what represents an active contribution to environmental protection. Please note special instructions for gas heaters with condensing technology, however, are features in the flue gas such as a pressure-tight and corrosion-resistant exhaust pipe and the introduction of the neutralized condensate in the wastewater. It is advisable to combine a gas heater, if hot water is required with condensing technology with an indirectly heated storage. Layers – as well as snake pipe storage are very well suited for this purpose. Because the loss of a modern furnace of value is lower than the gain in usable energy through condensation, these gas heaters achieve computational efficiency (based on the calorific value, not on the calorific value) by more than 100%.

Dual SIM Phones

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Use 2 SIM cards in one mobile phone – dual SIM mobile phone makes it possible. A dual SIM mobile phone is a mobile phone, which allows the simultaneous use of two SIM cards. Offers to mobile phone tariffs and services is growing – especially in the discount area, new provider from the ground shooting. Some of those are particularly lucrative for writing SMS offers, others offer discounts for international rates. Especially since the establishment of smart phones as devices for a broad target group, the use of mobile Internet via UMTS and HSDPA will be interesting. Unfortunately, most vendors in each of these areas offer the best option or the lowest price. Would you combine, for example, mobile services by A provider options of from various providers – with SMS flat rate from provider B – be faced with a problem: each provider requires a separate SIM card.

A dual SIM mobile phone can help. Both cards can be operated in a device and combine the different features in this way. However must be be noted that a different number is assigned for each SIM card. This fact can be to the advantage of light: can a dual SIM mobile phone at the same time for private talks, as well as for business affairs be used. Your own mobile phone is available at two numbers, the calls are charged, depending on the used phone number. This has been the dual SIM phones not always of course in history.

Units of the first generation (mid-1990s), maps had to be changed manually between the inserted SIM. Often, it was necessary to remove the battery cover and to restart the device after the change. Only the number of active SIM card was at this moment to reach. The cause was the use of a transmitter unit only. A modern dual SIM mobile phone, however, has two simultaneous working units. Now, a dual SIM mobile in their product range have all major cell manufacturers about. Most of these devices come from the Asian region, their advantages you no longer want to Miss however already today in Europe. Markus Schwenke

TeleTrusT Communication

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Solution for simple, secure email communication the TeleTrusT, borne by the German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) European Bridge CA (ECWM) established technology partnerships to further simplify secure E-Mail communication. Through the partnerships, the trust network is automatically implemented in the partner solutions – secure and trusted communication with members of the ECWM is possible for the users of these solutions to automatically. Common policies that allow mutual trust are the Foundation of the ECWM. Public-key infrastructures (PKIen) of the participant organizations can be linked together through this common trust anchor. A technical connection of the ECWM is possible external. Users of gateway systems build but on solutions involving additional configurations are actually unnecessary. Therefore, incorporating the ECWM in the technology partnership also available to the providers of email gateway systems such as.

This communication will provide users with ECWM participants significantly simplified. These confirm the newly established technology partnerships with applied security GmbH and of Zertificon Solutions GmbH. The ECWM with all connected CAs are preinstalled in their solutions. A signed and encrypted email business communications between ECWM members and users is thus ad-hoc and automatically allows – so that the “well-known eavesdropper” on the transmission paths can no longer read. The communication between the participants of the ECWM works since August 2000 for a variety of systems.

More than 700,000 users certificates are covered by the ECWM. TeleTrusT security Federation The German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) is a network of excellence, which includes domestic and foreign members from science, industry and administration, as well as thematically related partner organisations. The broad membership and the partner organisations TeleTrusT embodied the largest network of competence for IT security in Germany and Europe. TeleTrusT offers forums for experts, organized events or event participation and comments on current questions of security. TeleTrusT is the “TeleTrusT European Bridge CA” (ECWM; PKI-Vertrauensverbund), the expert certificates “TeleTrusT information security professional” (T.I.S.P.) and “TeleTrusT engineer for system security” (T.E.S.S.) as well as the quality mark “IT security made in Germany”.

Measurement Technology

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BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) – innovative measurement technology “made in Germany” Maisach/Munich. NV4SCRIPT, the extension for the measuring software NextView 4 BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm), enables the individual realization of measuring tasks and event-based automation and control of measuring and test processes. In the field of measurement and analysis the software NextView has become a name for more than 20 years. The application software of the long-standing instrumentation specialists BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) has been continually developed further through the various PC era. User-friendly, practical and intuitive operation stand in the foreground, so that the user quickly to results. The latest version 4.5 of NextView for Windows 7/XP includes the entire range of configuration, visualization, capture and analysis of measured data. The optional plug-in module NV4SCRIPT adds the functionality of NextView ideally. The scripting language is similar to BASIC and expanded with special commands for NextView.

This simplifies the Entry and keeps the programming effort. NV4SCRIPT works event oriented, which means that programmed actions are started, if such a limit is reached or a single switch or slider in NextView is activated. Customer-specific measuring tasks can be solved easily with the script option individually. Monitoring industrial plants or manufacturing processes to respond quickly in case of an alarm, is a classic application for NV4SCRIPT. Automatic analysis of measurement data in the wake of a measurement or the implementation of regulatory processes, such as for example a heating and cooling control in an endurance test are simply happen. No installation is required for the script engine, but it is unlocked by entering the purchased license number in NextView itself. NV4SCRIPT is for use with all NextView versions professional, Lite, or analysis. Provide programming support in NextView integrated online help, as well as various programming examples for the scripting language in the documentation. Example scripts for the bmcm measurement hardware are available free in the download section of the new website of NextView available.

Dedicated Server

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Some potential disadvantages in a lodging of sites with dedicated server exist. However, for who it has conditions to pay the monthly fees, the benefits can surpass the disadvantages in some cases. In this article we will go to know some disadvantages of the dedicated server before contracting a plan. The first disadvantage, already cited above is that the Dedicated Server is more expensive than services of lodging of shared site. The monthly value of a dedicated server can cost from R$450,00 with link of 128Kbps. This can not be a problem for great sites with much financial movement, but for a person or a small company, to pay for month to house its site in a dedicated server, being its site small with little financial return the cost of a dedicated server, can not compensate. For bigger sites, especially those of companies and organizations with great movement the dedicated server fits tranquilamente inside of the budget and is recommendable. It is essential to select an excellent supplier.

The server is stored in its proper datacenter therefore we will depend on host to make the maintenance of the server and its equipment. If to contract a not trustworthy supplier, we will be able to have serious problems and in such a way financial prejudices how much also prejudices to the image of the site and the company. This also, evidently, can happen with host shared. However, a paid customer much more for a dedicated server, and must have a relatively bigger concern. A dedicated server can demand high investments of time and money in its maintenance.

To manage the tasks of a server can very be difficult, especially for who it has little or no formation technique and knowledge. For this reason, we will need one or more people in our team of employees who have the knowledge technician necessary to manage the lodging services. If we will not have a team of YOU, this means that who works in the administration of the server will not have time for other tasks. When we do not have somebody with knowledge sufficient to manage a server dedicated and we ourselves we do not have knowledge or we do not have time, we will need to contract a professional of YOU or to terceirizar the work. This goes to burden the expenditures still more, since professional with abilities techniques for these services they cost expensive. It can be more income-producing to consider managed lodging dedicated. In this in case that, the supplier of lodging in the Web goes to deal with many of the tasks techniques and maintenance. Another potential disadvantage for dedicated lodging is that you do not have physical access to the server. Its supplier of lodging web, will be responsible for the maintenance of the real server. They go to supply measured of security to protect the server and the data. they will be responsible for carrying through copies of security of the server. If you will have a good host this you are not a great problem. However, if you to select one host that it is not so good that you can lose given or to have a service that she does not execute as well as the waited one for cost.

Protocol SSL

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SSL means Secured Sockets Layer (Safe Layer of Sockets) is a protocol that allows the transmission of information through the Internet of criptografada form. The SSL guarantees exclusively that the information is sent, without alterations and for the server for which it intends to send. The sites of purchases online with frequency use this technology to protect its information as given of credit card for example. The SSL is a protocol developed for the Netscape in partnership with companies as the Bank of America and Mastercard, for private document transmission for the Internet through a codified communication channel. The SSL functions using a private key to encriptar the data that are transferred through connection SSL. Navigators as FireFox, Netscape and Internet Explorer support SSL and many sites use the protocol to get confidential information of the users, as numbers of credit card. For convention, the URLs that they require a connection SSL starts with https: instead of http:. The protocol offers support to the authentication of the server and the customer.

Protocol SSL is applicatory an independent one, allowing that protocols as HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol), ftp (File Transfer Protocol) and telnet can be placed in layers on it of transparent form. Protocol SSL keeps the security and the integrity of the transmission canal using criptografada authentication and codes of authentication of messages. Another protocol for transmission of data of safe form through the World Wide Web is HTTP Seguro (S-HTTP). Considering that the SSL creates a safe connection between a customer and a server, on which any amount of data it can surely be sent, the S-HTTP is projected to transmit messages surely individual. SSL and S-HTTP, therefore, can be seen as complementary and not as competing technologies. Both the protocols had been approved by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as a standard. The Protocol of Control of Transmission and the Protocol of Internet (TCP/IP), regulate transport and the guiding of the data for the Internet.