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Fraunhofer IAO

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New study identifies success factors for technology management that is closely linked with the ability, technologies to develop competitiveness of companies. This applies especially to the manufacturing sector in Germany. Against this background, the Fraunhofer IAO has examined on the basis of a survey of success factors for the development of new technologies, as well as the increase in company sales growth. Based on the study is a survey among 95 companies both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large companies in the industries: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automotive and metal. They evaluated their own technology development on the basis of 29 factors for relevance and value. Moreover, the study of regression analysis shows which of the success factors associated with the revenue growth. The by industry and size of enterprise itemized study results show that the most important success factors for technology developments in the areas of customer focus, expertise and strategy lie.

The valuation difference of the success factors is rather low compared with industry. Larger differences when comparing the SMEs with large business; they assess the relevance of the 29 factors higher than SMEs. The biggest differences lie in the areas of competence, patent strategy and trend analysis. For the initiation of technology development projects, especially the integration of market-pull, technology-push, creativity of employees and/or the strategic market growth objectives play an important role. When asked after the factors that have a positive impact on sales growth, seven success factors were identified. Mostly these are based on extrinsic aspects, such as systematic identification of target markets and rapid consolidation of partners. But also intrinsic factors, such as the formation of an interdisciplinary, professional teams have an impact on sales growth.

The companies surveyed, where these factors are stronger than in other, came with regard to their sales growth through the global economic crisis in 2009. The study is part of the third presidential project, in which the Fraunhofer researchers have explored new methods of technology management, as well as the systematic development of new technologies and the technology market. The publication appears at the beginning of April 2012 and is available at a price of 45 in the ILO-shop. It is addressed primarily to readers from technology-based industries. In particular, executives, professionals and consultants are addressed, but also teachers and students can gain valuable insights. A summary of the key findings of the study is available from the specified contact.


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Hair transplant by the gentle r & d method now considered Turkey the land of hair transplants and cosmetic surgery. This is the case, because medical tourism is a booming industry in Turkey, which grow. The tourists made a not inconsiderable part in addition to the “normal” tourists, who come for a hair transplant in Istanbul or in General a medical treatment in Turkey. Eye laser treatment, LASIK surgery s, plastic surgery, General, dental treatments, heart surgery and IVF fertility treatments are particularly popular operation in addition to a hair transplant. For the above operations, it attracts each year more than 100,000 people in the only country on two continents. Also, the Ministry of health of Turkey supports the industry and subsidised hospitals and clinics. At the Istanbul hair transplantation, the patient has two major advantages.

The hair transplant cost is quite low, compared to other countries, and the modern r & d technology is a Hair transplantation is usually applied. The older method, in which a strip of skin is surgically removed from the mind of the patient, is only rarely applied. The r & d is also referred to as single hair transplant hair in their naturally growing units or groupings are removed and transplanted technology. This result still very small mini scars, which are hardly visible after a few days. As soon as the hairs on the back of the head a few millimetres are, nothing more is to see a hair transplant. The hair that is extracted from the back of the head and sides are then inserted into the bald areas of the patient and start to grow. The final result of the hair transplantation Istanbul then eventually is reached after about a year and is distributed to hair of the ‘normal’ no longer distinguish.

The FUE hair transplant (follicular unit extraction) is performed now for about 15 years and WINS from year to year due to their minimal invasiveness in importance and popularity. This technique which was at the beginning of internationally, hair specialist Dr. Woods recognized applied. This is regarded as the inventor and pioneer of the single hair transplantation. In the following years this technique to practice started other surgeons. In Turkey, the r & d is used since 2003 to extract hair in the context of a hair transplant. Continue the process of hair transplantation does not differ from the other technique, which is known as the FUT Strip technology. This means that after hair removal, the openings of the hair grafts are cut and then the follicular hair units can be inserted or implanted. In the metropolis of Istanbul, there are particularly many sick houses, clinics and practices that offer hair transplants. However, it should be taken care that an experienced doctor performs the operation.

Freescale Registration

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HY-LINE computer components, Kontron, Freescale and DH electronics invite practical arm technology tag of ARM technology tag, the ARM includes future trends technology (Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Peter Hartlmuller of the Faculty of electrical engineering & computer science Ingolstadt University), presentation of the DHCOM, the SMARC standards and Freescale ARM products. In the afternoon, a practical parallel workshop offered by Kontron and DH. “The seminar gives an overview for: bootloader, BSP – and kernel configuration, root file system, development system, RISC and upgraders SMARC and from the module to the application with DHCOM”. Date 1: Munich when: 16th October 2013 from 9 am 16:00 where: Hotel Torbrau, Tal 41, 80331 Munich; or appointment 2: Stuttgart when: 17 October 2013 from 9 am 16:00 where: Kongresshotel Europe, Sieme 26, 70469 Stuttgart; Congress Hotel stuttgart hotel.html course language: german registration: the registration fee of only 95.00 NET are included: participation in seminar and lunch buffet? The participation fee will be credited for a purchase of an evaluation system.

For questions are available under the Mr Gropp Tel. 089/614503-48 at your disposal. As places are limited, please send your registration to the 25.09.2013 to us. For more information see: HY-LINE computer components Tel. 089 / 614503-40 fax 089 / 614503-50 email: created by Oliver Gropp, Tel.