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Some Islanders

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Suddenly opens a well protected port before the ship’s bow, which stained angestrichenen houses of Tobermory in sight. The island of mull is regarded as a Scotland en miniature, it is the most visited holiday island in the Hebrides the Isle of Skye. At the sight of the lush cliffs, one can hardly the bogs in the Interior of the island to present. Scotland is so dark, tart, melancholy. The shore excursion is varied, the sun comes more and more to the fore. We see a series of bizarre Islands Staffa and the Fingalshohle after lunch in the open sea. Cap of the Dutchman”is one of the islets.

Ponies are bred to one another. Then the ship on a hunk-like island fabric keeps – on Staffa and the Fingalshohle. As the unique basalt pillar of Staffas becomes visible, click on board cameras, be loud cries of astonishment. The entrance of the Fingalshohle is similar to a concourse, a half-finished Cathedral. In the semi-darkness of the cave, stone organs can be seen. Passengers would only too happy to closer to visit this natural wonder and try out the vaunted reverberations. But the Fingalshohle is officially closed because of loose rock for visitors. Supposedly, the rock inside is not as solid as it seems from the outside.

How are the strange, polygonal basalt columns of Staffas come about? By solidified lava masses of a prehistoric volcano and the creative power of the sea, geologists say. “” The Scottish folk tales explain it differently, they report the Celtic Hercules, who dragged a sack full of basalt columns from Scotland to Ireland in mists on his back, by Fingal on the northern coast of giant’s Causeway, the bridge of the giant”, to complete. The bag tore, and a column after the other fell into the sea. Fingal sat it neatly – and so they stand still today as a Scottish counterpart to the no less great basalt miracles in Northern Ireland. Staffa is uninhabited and is under nature conservation. Sheep alarmed at look after our steamer. There is another famous island; in sight of Staffas Colette, She leads the epithet Holy is her landmark the Cathedral of St. Columba. The Christianisation of Scotland went out from this place in the 6th century, here the Irish monk Columba ashore was gone. This early cultural pulse from West to East is aware not every British, some rather believes only Britain the Irish brought a higher civilization. Colette with its Celtic stone crosses has still an Irish atmosphere. Some Islanders speak still Gaelic, the language of Ireland and Scotland. More than fifty Scottish Kings lie buried on lona. The island is only three miles long and half as wide. The ride home leads along again a gauze us to Oban on the cliff. Strong smell of salt mixed with whisky aroma and pipe smoke. St. Columba is gracious to us this evening. The wind has abated, the Sun says goodbye in a sea of copper and gold: Meeresstille und gluckliche Fahrt. And continues the Nordland cruise around the British Isles. The next day, we reach the port of Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. This is Isle of Lewis is the largest island the Outer Hebrides. Another interesting country excursion is waiting for us. You can book these interesting cruises at Nordlandkreuzfahrten24. Heino Tegeler