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Learn Seven Important Steps

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How much time “walking” across the expanses of the Internet and visiting various sites, you asked yourself the question: “Why do I have that? Am I worse than others? What prevents me to create something like that? “? The owners of these sites have huge number of friends around the world, communicate, develop, and most importantly make money from it. Then why do not you try to create your own website? But there is one problem that prevents many newcomers and immediately take him to create: they lack the technical knowledge and skills. Without this knowledge, anywhere. The site can not occur by itself. Of course, you can entrust all the technical stuff to a specialist, but do you know how much it will it cost? To find out, enough in any search engine (for example, Yandex) typing of the two words “book site” and look at the existing rates. I will give you an approximate figure, that you present yourself, how much money you need will lay out. To create a website of several pages (site-card) to pay about $ 500! Do not believe me? I do not believe it at first, but it is easy to check, type in just two words “to order a website” and you are in this sure. If you have that kind of money – no problem, you can assume that the site you already have and you need not continue reading this article.

Well, if the opportunity to give $ 500 you do not have, and create a site still really want it, this article written specifically for you. In this case you’ll get all the technical problems for themselves and get to work. In this article I want to tell you how I solved the technical problems. I had to go seven important steps before than get results.

Color Table

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Clicking on pley can see the result. For more high-quality animation in the gap between them can cram more pictures (as I usually work) or make an animation automatic button and click ok, we will make 5 internal staff – transitions, giving them each time to 0.2 seconds and admire, clicking on the pley. 4.2. Adding decorations and originality. And the ornaments can be practiced as to paragraph 4.1 and after. Technical side, I will not reveal here, because, unfortunately, it takes a very long time.

Let me give a couple of offhand improvements: add your own inscription, the inscription can be changed with each frame, and also may change color Palette items can distort and podriosvyvat etc. 4.3. Properly store. Remained significant milestone – to save. Do not underestimate him, because through proper conservation can save in weight to i ten / i again! A quality will not change. Proceed.

Click on the tab above the avatar – 'Optimized'. So really your avatar will look after you save, the bottom is, how much it will weigh. You need to reduce its size and the number of colors until, until you reach an acceptable weight. Colors change right in the 'Color Table'. Driving in to the desired result, choose 'Save Optimized as' Avatars and ready! 5. What is good and what is bad. Good master their unique avatars, but ill knock down someone else's authorship. You ring a bit modified avatar – this is not bad, but its author at the same time you did not. Not very good to take someone else's avatar in the forum / portal and use it immediately, on the same site. Not well set in matyugi avatar – you are not decorate, but may alienate. Guys, let's just get along:)! 6. I do not want to learn, but I want to Read the instructions and tired to the point that has ceased to exist a desire to something do? Nothing can be done later, when there will be an inspiration. And now can look at my author's avatars for forums and blogs:).