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Achievable Research

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* Measurable: the results of your market research should be measurable by the chosen You scale in chosen units. * Achievable: to avoid disappointment is to analyze your goals are attainable for (at least, asked if a similar market research someone earlier, on what technology and what results they have given in principle) * significance: whether or not you need the results of this study? What do they affect? What further action, based on the results This market research, you can take to recoup the costs of research? * Correlated with a specific term: Do not be out of date research results before you have time to use them? Can study be completed before the time when you need to make a final decision on the issue under study? If you believe that your market research with the objectives of all right, you can proceed to the next test – to availability and efficiency hypotheses. 2. Market research is, in fact, testing of hypotheses – available before the study and / or developed in the course of the study of the market. No hypotheses – no result. So the first thing need to do after setting goals – is to take a pen and write down all the hypotheses of the studied subject. Where can I find a hypothesis for the study? There are several sources. We recommend that you use them in the order in which they appear in this article (from the less expensive and less reliable – to more expensive and more reliable): * Your experience and your employees: make sure to write down all the facts and you have an opinion on the subject market research on paper and send them to the researchers prior to the study of the market.

Marc Rubin Team

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Playing career starts on the Internet Viewing took place in the framework of the planned workout for the first phase were invited 35 players, who are interested in a summary of the club coaches. Of the newcomers were formed three teams, each of whom played one Half against basic composition FK 'PITER'. Technical results games – 8:0, 6:0, 4:0 – not as important importantly that experienced coaches 'Pieter' – Rubin Lazarev Gordeev carefully viewed all footballers and results five candidates were invited to next workout commands. 'We very satisfied first result and plan hold similar views future – commented outcome workout President FK' PITER ' Alexei Mikhailov. – Every day, through the website comes to us a few new resume, that only confirms the fact that in St. Petersburg a lot of talented players who want to play football in a good city team. All Invited players can practice to assess their strength in a training game against the basic structure of our club, in any case it is a very rewarding experience.

Those who showed himself and meets our requirements, we immediately invite to the next step – training with the team. " FC 'Peter' – the first city football club, on view in which player can get a job through the website. Head coach of FC 'Peter' – Mark Rubin, Distinguished Russia coach, his assistant, – Valery Lazarev, a sports club consultant – Honored coach of Russia Sergey Gordeev. The plans of the team for the season – taking part in the Championship of the Northwest region (CK) and the Championship in St. Petersburg. As a result of the season the club expects to receive professional status.

FC 'Peter' beat doubles 'Zenith' eve in the Northern capital, in the field of sports complex "Change" was pretty interesting sparring. FC "Peter" who is preparing for the start of the tournament CPK and city championship football examine the youth of Zenit. By the way, in today's youth championship affairs reservists home in St. Petersburg team consist of occasionally, in the starting five rounds is gained only two victories. Sponsored Marc Rubin, by contrast, took up cruising the course on the eve of the start of the season.

Portfolio Development

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The present level of business development requires major companies have their own corporate website. Today the site is for another company, a very high quality form of advertising. It's no secret that professional designed site with a properly located and convenient navigation of information, often resulting in the company more new customers than a few managers or outgoing calls from advertising in publications. But in order to obtain a qualitative resource needs to know who you offer it and who to turn to: the student who will offer to develop a site for a small token amount and that in case of any problems that will not be able to find, in addition, if ordered site of the student, then you can immediately put an end to the design as a designer and a great programmer usually be impossible. You can refer to a freelancer – the man who sat at home, engaged in "professional" the creation of your website, takes over is not such a small price too. But here too there are problems – there is no guarantee a quality product, again the problem of finding the man, and lack of support for the site in the future.

For quality product should be handled not by the first two categories of developers and professional web studio, which will help you not just make a website and create a highly efficient web resource, which will bring money for your company. Choosing Web Studio also not an easy decision, especially when the market is developing websites and online stores, today is the number of web agencies. How to choose a developer? There are several items on are worth paying attention to: Portfolio Development – should pay particular attention to the portfolio web studio. How many work in the portfolio, how beautiful and relevant to the content site designs that are there at all sites listed in the portfolio. If it works, then check out this studio really developed this sayt.Otzyvy about us – pay attention to feedback from customers who can find themselves often at sites development or on the Internet at the sources where leave otzyvy.Garantii – special attention should be paid attention to ensure that you get quality site or online store: Work under the contract, site turnkey non-disclosure, support website, providing the source code and design, and of course the presence of the studio itself, legal address, where programmers sit or guide, who can be contacted in case of chego.Tseny – The price of sites to be compared on the basis of the portfolio – if there is the work that you want and the price you are happy to develop, it can be ordered here.

Very often the price – quality does not match reality. A lot of studios write the price "of …. Confidence caused by those who have online miscalculation prices, so you can instantly calculate yourself at least an indicative price of the future site and compare it with others. Of course, if you want a unique Web resource, and rely on a unique price and do not believe the promises of cheap. Order online shop – it's even more scrupulous work, because it must be reported and beautiful inviting design showcase and easy functionality of the store. Therefore, the main criterion in choosing an online store portfolio developer. If the site is available cheaper or more expensive then ordering the development of e-shop you can not save.

Commission WebMoney

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For more information on the process of completing the procedure of identification, as well as information about what documents will be needed, you can get on the official websites WebMoney and Yandex Money. And please, please note that the data that you'll send WebMoney, should at all (up to the register) comply with the data you send in Yandex Money. Otherwise, if a bunch of purses may be some problems. Immediately after your account in Yandex Money was 'identified' (notice of What you will receive the requested form of identification in the e-mail address), and a certificate in WebMoney received the status of not less formal, will need to connect your wallets of both payment systems. This can be done with the help of the site Before you begin the process of connection, be sure to read the information posted on the main page of this site. After that, go to wm – authorization.

In the new window, open the drop down menu linking accounts / cards' and click on the logo Yandex Money. Next, open a modal window, which will first need to specify the WMR-wallet to which you want to bind Yandex Money, and then the account number in Yandex Money. After introducing the necessary data, click on 'Create' and you, the first drop-down menu – 'Your account / card' should appear in line with the logo of Yandex Money. If this does not happen, or if the system reported an error, double check again introduced information, please contact support WebMoney. After the merger account in WebMoney and Yandex Money taken, you can easily make exchanges of one currency for another. While doing this both through internal gateway with the Commission at least 4%, as well as through third-party (private) exchangers, with a much smaller commission.

In order to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, we strongly recommend you to search for favorable exchange rates to use monitoring exchangers, since their listing, the only proven exchangers. Indicating the direction of exchange, wmb on Yandex Money, for instance, and click 'Find the best rate', you will get a list of exchange offices generating exchanges in this regard. From this list, you will need to select the exchanger, with the optimal rates and reserves, then, go to his site and follow the instructions of the exchanger. That's it! Now You can easily exchange WebMoney, Yandex Money between themselves.

Internet Marketing

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Yes, the world of Internet Marketing is full of people very valid which can help us earn money online working from home, people honest, competent and experienced in this highly competitive sector. There are also many false gurus or worse, people who after having purchased an ebook, dismisses it as his only experiment by changing some things. Logically this type of people have short life on the Internet. But well, let’s bead. I dedicate this article only to draw attention to a particularly important. Especially for beginners who want to try to make money on the Internet.

The case is that when we come to this world, we know that working on the Internet from home, you can make money, unfortunately this is the only thing that we know. We do not know what to do, how or where to start. It is there that started our wander the Web, in search of the perfect solution or formula magic that in three months we will return rich (poor woe to us!) In my case I have to admit that I have not had very bad luck, although if you knew the things that se now and if people I know now, would have known before because I would have saved thousand headaches, lost long and also had not thrown a not very indifferent figure of money you would have been used in other courses and ebooks that I now feel able to choose. The thing more difficult that happens to us is in these cirscuntancias, we don’t know who to direct us.Who, between the mole people who offer their services, would be the better, more competent and honest at the same time and not very expensive especially. Besides not knowing by where begin, also have the problem of which service choose to start this great adventure. As well, tell them only one of the episodes that followed me to mi: some time ago that I buy ebooks to try to start doing something real with Internet (win really online, create some website, a program affiliation, etc) given my experience in the field of buy and study eBooks.