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The Lights

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Cry occasionally, and when we ask for some kind of support, people look at us strange of what we feel and say:-is better to have a quicker c-section and apart already, your baby is well. However that makes me more sad, but I say to myself maybe they are right and again leave it go it is going more and more the time I keep getting in the head that I feel is not so important, I say to myself:-let you fuck, is only a cesarean section. Until one day, I receive the news that once again going to be a MOM, that emotion and in turn how much fear, Yes, how much fear I will not have another wound. And women, here comes the best part, because but want another c-section won’t it have. After having lost all hopes, after leaving aside our feelings, something, go one to that is, tells you, and if you try natural childbirth?, clear that it is difficult to difficult taking confidence in us to be one hundred percent safe can give birth naturally, because of that we can do it that already is known. I’m not going to lie Caesarean sections often save lives, if these are made when they are really needed, but many are also simply routine, by convenience, not wait, for not respecting and money. To consider planning for a natural birth, first have to back, scroll through as best as possible our memory, but it hurts, and search for how we live our previous pregnancy, our fears, anxieties, concerns, things that not we encourage you to ask, go back to the day that we were interned, see how it was step by step, did, which made us, how many people there were, if I was alone too long, if I wanted someone to be there, if the lights were high, if there was too much noise, if it had started alone, if I induced my labor, in that week of pregnancy was etc.


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We talk about weddings and the Organization of a so important event: today it is essential to know how to organize and above all to manage an event like a wedding. A wedding is something more to say is Yes, then do a lunch or dinner with the closest people, and then finish with un viaje de novios. It is also important to have confidence with a good dj weddings to be able to animate the feast after the wedding. Everything should go well, because a due date for the two newlyweds, a unique day in life, which for some is a seal of love, for others is a formal act necessary to create or strengthen a family and other mere symbolism, but always important at the end of all. In principle, the place of the ceremony, the Church and the number of guests must be chosen. A wedding can become very expensive if you don’t have a precise plan on spending.

Must then decide globally sensations we want to cause, that memories should be guests: glamour, elegance, improvisation, spontaneity, dynamism, host, humor, joy, solemnity, etc. We must define an idea that mark the wedding in general. From there we will begin by formalities, by first choosing the place of the ceremony: Church, courthouse, City Hall, House or private estate, dj weddings for the party, etc. Always playing with our idea and originality. However today has very difficult divenido be original, also spending a lot of money. Good ideas are fundamental. Later the place of the banquet if not held in the same house or estate of the ceremony, following the style marked for your choice: restaurant, hotel, Banquet Hall.

Taking as an element of decision environment, the menu and the development of the event: more elegant, more informal, more open to improvisation or all markup, with staff service, tables, tableware and more or less luxurious surroundings. I tend these two bespoken objectives, we must go down to the details: decoration of both places, costumes of the bride and groom, invitations, hair and makeup, Protocol of the guests, music, photography and video, etc. It should not be forgotten aspects such as choice of date, bureaucracy, the financing of expenditure, the later voyage of boyfriends, administration of confirmations, and other elements so that everything goes well as a wedding dj. All this can do personally boyfriends, leaving advise who already it has experience for this, or trust in a company or an expert in organization of weddings. The rule is that with much more intensity and enthusiasm to be lived day, and of course, all the preparations to get there by the bride and groom, will be better.

Olimpia Splendid Increases

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On 17 February Olimpia Splendid held in Madrid the annual Convention sales for the consumer channel and on 23 and 24 at Segovia focused Canall professional. In both meetings the general situation of the sector of air conditioning was analyzed during the past years, what have been the results of the company, in 2011, in the different product families: air conditioning, dehumidification, humidification, heating and hydronic. Similarly established goals and strategies for the year 2012. The Director General of Olimpia Splendid Iberica, Pedro Fidalgo said that the objectives which the company raised for 2011 has been achieving continuous growth in spite of the market situation () our participation in the Spanish market in 2011 has grown by 3.4 per cent in portable air conditioning when this market tumbled more than 40 percent, placing us in the only leading company that has grown in this market, thanks, among others factors, to our strategy of innovation and product quality. The professional Annual Convention, addressed other topics of interest, and it was presented to Israel Gonzalez as Manager of hydronic. Also Olimpia Splendid Iberica presented their trade delegates from the professional division news for air conditioner this year, Sherpa campaign: air heat pump / water efficient and Geolo: geothermal heat pump. Equipment designed with an innovative, efficient and sustainable technology. Another product that was present at the Convention was the revolutionary Fancoil Bi2 +, the single fan coil ventilradiador inverter with radiant plate.

Central Electoral Meeting

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Morning call Sanchez 20m the sociologists values ' CTO llamada' that it could take place if the Central Electoral Meeting prohibits the concentrations of the movement 15-M. The experts question the origin to veto these concentrations facing the electoral day. " The CTO Streisand has been generated. It has been tried to restrain something and contrario&quot has been obtained to the CTO; , it said to Galician Pablo, spokesman of Real Democracy Already, after the police evacuation of the Sun encamped ones, during the dawn of Tuesday. Gallego pronounced these words days before the Electoral Meeting of several Spanish provinces, among them those of Madrid, Seville and Granada, would prohibit the concentrations to consider that they could influence in the vote of the elections of Sunday. But of what the CTO Streisand consists? In fact it could be transformed in a species of ' a CTO llamada' .

Something is prohibited and ended up having more repercussion and visibility than the one that originally it would have had without the prohibition. At first this term is associated exclusively a Internet, by its paper of amplifier of any phenomenon and by its capacity to propagate in minutes any material in risk of being prohibited and of being retired of the market, although its use is becoming general and extended to any scope. Its name comes from the singer and Cruel actress Streisand, who in 2003 denounced to the photographer Kenneth Adelman and the magazine to have published for a news article on the Californian coast aerial photos in which apereca its house, according to explains itself in Wikipedia. The image, that could have inadvertent past within the news article, ended up becoming one of the most popular photos of Internet because everybody wanted to see what was that one so interesting that it was wanted to censure. The CTO Streisand in the movement 15-M In the hope that the Central Electoral Meeting decides on the possible prohibition of the concentrations of the movement 15-M in different Spanish cities, is possible to ask itself if, there where already has been prohibited, like in Madrid, the CTO Streisand has taken place and the manifestations have summoned a greater number of people.

The Myopia Of Love

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Emotional myopia, is a term coined pro me in analogy to the view and its defects in the sense of sight. A myopic in physical terms is the one who loses his vision from afar, is capable of perceiving all the details in your near vision, but can not or is unable to see things in perspective, that is, from afar. So in love, when we’re in love, we are so close to our loved one that we see all the details, but not perceive them as is, because it is one thing to see, look at another, and another, of course, perceive. So the myopia of love, found in infatuation, all details are displayed clearly. The perception of being beloved is wonderful, amazing, we see him with all the details, with all the costumes and we are able to love him with that wonderful view that involves love, falling in love and illusion. But as with all myopia, we not only need to look at what is near, also what is far, and this is:-their forms and ways of behaving. -its styles and forms of relationship. -your family, what are their values and ways of linking.

-his thoughts and feelings towards us. -their jealousy, their forms of attack and their ways of loving. For sufferers of a loving myopia these long-term perspectives, i.e., far not available at the time. They require lenses, glasses to see clearly in the distance, and if we had to love field, it means long term. Alternatively, a much more extensive than just the couple we have far-sighted in front that moves us and fills us with love and infatuation and illusion that now yes, we found our partner perfect and wonderful, that it will cover all our needs and wants. The reality is always imposed. We need safety glasses with one, two or three diopters to give us aware that we are being very short-sighted in our life partner. We do not see what others see and exclaim: what will be blind not to see what I see! So yes, very blind them and us.

We need a few glasses that give us a perspective long term, i.e. with a vision far beyond, and to get that look, we need a few lenses, and those glasses are called conscience already care. Attention to detect signs of infidelity, jealousy, aggression, neglect and narcissism. At times, magnifiers and very large, powerful lenses as the telescopes are required to look beyond the stars, but we refuse to accept it. The myopia of love, is a very common and all have lived, but not so mean, that we don’t have to help us with some glasses, those, are called to be more aware, detecting the signals, find a therapist or any other type of help, if it is your only relation can be defined in terms of dysfunction. Thanks for reading, my mission is the quality of emotional life and its impact on the social. I invite you to visit our website, Cecreto and in him we have needed to heal, to see and to receive better lenses. We have electronic material that will surely be of your interest and regain your trust in love, or love narcissistic, a deeply destructive love.