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The Information

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Berger and Luckmann (1966), cp. Nonaka and Takeuchi (1999), point out that in certain historical and social context interact people share information with which to build a knowledge social it forms a reality and this, in turn, influences their judgments, their behavior and their attitude. Peer information form to Paul and Dominique (2002), consists of structured data that remain idle and irremovable until someone uses them with enough knowledge to interpret them and prosecute them. Although they are not only data, but are they organized data for a specific purpose, who are given meaning and therefore requires thinking beings to give that meaning, still is not knowledge, until they pass by reflection and the appropriation of the human mind are they transformed into knowledge. We can understand the information as the intermediate between data or observations that are easy to capture and store and the knowledge that requires people and their analysis, their ability, experience and its adaptability for structuring and systematically relate these data (information) Accordingly, according to your needs and add value to them. In addition, pose that knowledge for its part, has been theoretically defined as justifiably certain beliefs and techniques acquired empirically.

This is operacionaliza to understand knowledge as a sequence, a continuum that ranges from data to information and to knowledge, knowledge which becomes over time experience and who grows up to become knowledge or wisdom. Under this conceptualization, the knowledge is then the interpretation and transformation of information in a tangible or intangible whose main characteristic is the useful. In this sense poses Romero (2004) as: knowledge requires a degree of reasoning and prosecution that organizes the information through their comparison and classification. An interactive exercise subject-object of knowledge, which must assume a position critically and creatively, with the purpose not only of appropriating the information available, but, in addition, and on this basis, generate new knowledge is necessary for this purpose.

Mahatma Gandhi

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Develop your self-awareness. You deserve the best because exist. You don’t have to earn the right to breathe deserve breathing because you exist. If life provides you with a substance so precious as the air (without which no spent alive more than 3 minutes), how should not also provide you all things? You deserve love, because exist; especially the love of your own heart. Love begins at home, your internal House: your. STEP two: Customize your definition of success TU EL change that want to see in EL MUNDOMahatma Gandhi develops this question: what means to you be successful? No external symbols unicamente(los simbolos tambien son importantes), but what makes sing your heart, in other words: how, when and with whom you feel successful?To refine your definition of success you profundizaras in your values and most authentic motivations, which will help you to develop more clearly for a formulation of goals of doing and having that relies more on TU SER.

* DESPERATELY we’d like that the money would TODA LA difference, however, when we have the broken heart, not matter if the pillow on which cry is of cotton or silk * Sara Ban Breathnach an important part of the development of your being, is know your talents, but more important still is that the RECOGNIZE. are you in contact with your talents, skills and abilities?A way to discover them is to ask yourself: what you can do for hours that causing you genuine satisfaction and is a contribution to your life? is there any activity that you recognize and locate people usually? what are the characteristics of your personality that you like most about yourself?Sense of humor, determination what form express these characteristics usually?A talent is what makes you unique, remember nobody is like you, you’re irepetible, what is the essence of your being that you expressed in your make is what will get you to have everything you dream of.Remember: * all have a special gift, if you pay attention to the wisdom of your heart, you’ll know what that gift. The secret to happiness is use to develop that gift. The secret to achieve wealth is to share that gift with the demas.*solo will need a person to change your life: TUPASO three: expands TU SER. FINDS and connects your TALENTS the more wonderful gift that you can make to the life is to be your mismoElizabeth PolackEl challenge is to be yourself, in a world that is trying to make you to be, any other.Renee LocksRecuerda: Only the action produces results so that takes action and develops these tips. I liked this article? I appreciate much that you enrich this space with your comments.? in need of assistance with regard to this topic I can help you contact me.


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Love the Words Most illustrious Gentleman of the Knowledge, ahead of the blank paper the discovery of the unconditional love the written words. But to read what somebody wrote at definitive moments of its lives in the fervor of the circumstances if they had become insufficient. The love is bigger ahead of a blank leaf the wait for being filled by real, cerebral and emotional words. The reading is in fact important to be practised daily, for periods of silence in the culture of the wisdom. However, they do not possess the meaning of the personal sensations, however, the idea that passes serves as conducting the neglect minds, fragilizadas or laypeople who if confuse with the real message. Although, the writing of the words is something complex and of difficult access the empty hands and minds, become correctly rich and deep when used, with feelings and vibrations that catch air and the lived waves. Now the reading of words of others does not matter as before; it longs for the proper words in the white leaf. The discovery of the love to the words that it writes gained prominence in existence, can make a mistake writing, can not contain them, however, they are of the small hands. The love to the words is the only unconditional love that it possesss. In this way, to be able to divide is the minimum that makes for them.

Grounds For Underdevelopment Distribyutorskih Organizations

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Logistics supply chain these days one of the directions of development of trading companies in Russia should be logistics. The main fundamental problem of logistics – the optimum inventory management, information and money flows to ensure the delivery of goods or services within a short time, to the destination and with minimal costs. Now in Russia this kind of enterprise development presented very poorly, due to lack of market powerful Western companies with their technology works and those difficulties they faced on the Russian market. However, international experience shows that the distribution takes on a fairly small segment of the West market – namely, not more than 10%. The majority of all functions performed by trade and distribution companies abroad, have made powerful logistics organizations that are able to cover the entire market in the country and ensure its development throughout the world.

Our backlog of leading western logistics companies can be expressed in numbers from 5 to 20 years. Lack of infrastructure (communications, Class A warehouse and so on); shortage necessary software and information technology; a very small presence in the market "long" funds and capital investments required for development of logistics organizations; lack of market specialists in this area; impressive part of the country and certain administrative barriers; insufficient demand for these services from major retailers and other organizations because of their underdevelopment. Over all estimates, the domestic market operates from 6000 to 10 000 different distribution companies. And in the slechae if they were soon rebuilt their work, many of them will simply disappear. Already on the market today in the Moscow region is a marked decrease in distribution companies due to their improper business policies and refusal of schemes of work imposed new economic realities. Now there are several basic ways in which corporations have gone distribution: road, rail and international shipping; warehouse service; Customs services and customs transaction support; consulting services; introduction of modern information technologies; time to market and promote new brands; merchandising services; delivery of products to HoReCa; development of its retail network; the creation of own brand; the creation of filling and labeling of structures today the costs of the trading corporation is quite large and consists mainly of 6-15% of turnover.

Acacias Camino A La Reform Catholic

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With the intention of serving the truth, service to the regional media and the own Church hierarchy have not met enough righteousness; I would like clarity on the authenticity of the independent Catholic Church of Colombia, which is rooted to the Department of Meta in the municipality of Acacias and is represented by father Pedro Arnulfo Sanchez, who was ordained by Archbishop Jorge Humberto Gartner Lopez. As I have said it before the Archbishop, Monsignor Oscar Urbina Ortega and the vicar Episcopal Carlos Eduardo Quintero – seeking ties in a very divided world-, I would like to now explain step by step that the traditional Catholic Church has legitimate apostolic succession; Therefore, the priestly ordination of father Pedro is valid, participates of the legality in the light of the code of Canon law which governs the Roman Catholic Church, and in which we can read: 1024 only baptized male validly receives sacred ordination. 1025 1. For the lawful ordination of presbyter or deacon is required that, following testing prescribed by law, the candidate meet, opinion of the own Bishop or Superior competent Mayor, due qualities 1033 only is lawfully ordained who has received the sacrament of confirmation. A revision of the Code cited evidence that Padre Pedro may be unqualified how irregular to receive ordination, and also met the prerequisites before your Bishop, without incurring any impediments, since he never belonged to the Archdiocesan clergy, and above all, is sheltered under the apostolic succession.I insist on the legitimacy of the apostolic succession 1, because it is precisely this aspect that the media have not wanted to show, and the Church authorities have been unwilling to accept publicly, but privately they admit it. This silence apparently deliberate, often powered by groundless terms of those who are more called to speak with accuracy, causes confusion in the community and undermines what the canonical Code stated in canon 220: anyone you is lawful to unlawfully injure the reputation that someone enjoys, nor violate the right of every person to protect their own privacy.

Andres Apeloig Holocaust Survivor

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Andres Apeloig survivor of the Holocaust had the opportunity to know and treat hundreds of Holocaust survivors. Each of them has a space of my own being. With them I learned incredible things. You should sometime write some of them, for thus their experiences can serve as support to other generations. I’ve noticed and this what I have tried to share, that this people, was made of a mode and a very special commodity. All of them demonstrated a strength, intelligence, strength, will, desire to live, and above all a very special attitude. I am thinking no doubt that managed to survive to a systematic persecution, a permanent harassment and widespread Madness with which entire peoples were provided to this ignominy.

I am convinced that this, was not due is the result isolated from one of luck or think that it can be any miracle work. Does not fit in my mind, the possibility of a divine Act of being responsible for those who were spared and therefore trying to simultaneously consider innocent of the seven million were slaughtered, as also of the hundreds of millions of descendants who by this Act, had no chance to be born. I am sure that Dios may not be tainted with and by these actions. Keep a topic like this, without going into details, without advancing the sadness that results in me, which I can ever separate me without having to mourn inward, it is impossible for me. Therefore, although I have mentioned some aspects of that sad part of the story of world that not lived me thank God, but if I affected and continues to affect me as a human being and second and main as a Jew, today has an explanation and a reason for being. My father-in-law, Mauricio Motek Kramer Adler Z.L. will make about twenty years when died, had spent four years in concentration camps, where killed her six sisters, parents, uncles cousins, he was completely orphaned, his story was one of many that were lost, not counting.

The Stillness

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But There is so much out there to know, above all, to learn how to move our company, do not miss it! Open your mind and look at! 3. What put me in motion? Someone moves toward the sidewalk in front. Because if you don’t generate movement in your business, someone else Yes will be moving. Guess who? Your customer! Would you buy a company that always offers you the same?, without modify if you want to the presentation or promotion of your products? Up the brands better positioned and internationally recognized, modify your seduction strategies so that the client does not get bored and remain faithful. Get moving now! 4.

If you don’t have an idea, find it! Long ago are you thinking about starting a venture? Some time ago but do not know what? Well that not the stillness clutch it before starting her entrepreneurial life. Aim to find its idea of business. But is not only about attitude, trace a small plan of action to find it and run it! 5. If you have an idea, realize it! Do you already have your business idea? Then, what is waiting to turn it into a business? Now that you know what you would like to do as an entrepreneur, do not leave the idea loses its strength. Do not let time do you lose forces to you! The excitement of knowing what we want for our lives is a very powerful engine, but if with that great emotion we bogged us, thinking. When you need to be, will be, they will come better times for my idea, later I begin; Thus we have regressed (without even having begun). Wake up! 6. Move towards your goal! Towards where? If it has not set a target, it is time to do so. Without knowing where we are going, seguro safe we will arrive at any destination.