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Argentine Airlines

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As of July, LAN will stop being the unique airline that offers the Santiago-Mendoza route. Argentine airlines will initiate from the second semestral daily flight between both cities, indicated the manager general of the state company/signature to average trasandinos, Adrin Regueira. To this it stopped it destiny offering from the year 2000. According to numbers of Junta Aeronutica Civil (JAC), between January and February of this year Airlines it transported 30 thousand passengers (2.7% of the total) corresponding to the Santiago-Good route Airs. Regueira informed in addition that will increase of the two to three weekly flights trips between Mendoza and Bariloche, Salta and Iguaz respectively.

Argentine airlines approved the hiring of new central systems of commercial operations and into flight, that will allow to improve the attention to the passenger and to optimize the fuel consumption, the company informed. On the other hand, Argentine Airlines contracted new systems of commercial operations and flight. hiring was realised with the companies Sabre and Lufthansa Systems, leaders in the aerocomercial market, who will be the ones in charge to implement – in next the twelve months the changes of systems that will allow to count on ” the more modern computer science tools of mercado”. ” This fact implies a technological jump that it did not take place in the company for more than ten years, and constitutes a requirement demanded (to the company) by the alliance with Sky Team” , it emphasized Airlines, in an official notice. In addition, the company emphasized that the hiring of these services ” it was realised to a price that is 17 percent inferior to which anteriormente” was pleased;. According to the state company, the new computer science system of the commercial area ” it will allow substantially to improve the attention to the passenger and the internal efficiency in the taking of decisiones” , whereas for the operations of flight ” it will make possible a greater agility in the office and an optimization of the consumption of combustible”.

Region Center Forms

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84). Complementarily, in Brazil between some products that if had adjusted to such reality are distinguished the sugar cane-of-sugar productions, orange, coffee, citric potato, fruits and mainly the soy whose agricultural borders already had accumulated of stocks practically all Region Center-West, part of the South Region, east of the state of the Bahia, beyond strong having advanced for the Region North with diverse impacts, whose explicitao does not fit in this quarrel. Of other terms, the modernization of agriculture consists of the incorporation of new technological standards in the agricultural space, a species of attempt of disruption with the past (practical traditional of agricultural culture), among others factors, as form to integrate the agricultural families and/or agriculturists the new forms of productive rationality. Condizendo with the said ones of Abramovay: Modernization of agriculture if characterized as process induced, that occurred from the advance of science and the modern technology that introduced new forms of production that they had resulted in the increase of the productivity and low the amount of man power, but is necessary to point that nor all the agriculturists of a country adopt the same techniques, thus exists differentiated degrees of modernization in neighboring agricultural properties, over all in the relation large state-minifndio … (ABRAMOVAY, 1992, pp. 59-60). All this process has gradually provoked the mercantilizao of the social life in the field, therefore, of slow form the autonomy that agriculture (agricultural activities) until then had, has been led to take care of a subordination of new interests, forms of typical life and consumption of urban areas. On the other hand, she is necessary to prevent deriving generalizations of limitantes reflections! Since the insertion of new standards of living associates to the new technologies of agricultural production, has not made possible (with few exceptions) increase of the familiar income and better conditions of life of the population directly affected by the modernization of agriculture, that is, the small proprietors and the linked individuals..

Digital Inclusion Access

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E is a personal pleasure, to be able to comment, that the category that more grew in accesses in the workstations and in residences in the month of February of 2010 according to IBOPE were of ' ' Educao and Carreiras' ' , this by itself already is reason for commemorations. The simple fact of the participant pupil to be heard, demonstrating to it to attention and concern with its educational and social future, could be evidenced a considerable improvement in the communication between pupil professor, a more pleasant and healthful convivncia between the proper pupils, and this automatically increased auto-esteem, before exactly to be definite the corrective and preventive actions to be applied. Valley to stand out that some focos of resistance had also existed, but in small I number, therefore the positivismo and comprometimento of the excessively involved ones had been soon infected by. The participants had been able to prove that with technological and computational resources the use of the information can be created and be manipulated, and to show as, the society where we live if she comes across with the happened transformations of the advance of the technologies of information and communication. All we, wanting or not, are part of this technological society, and the beddings for this new industrial and technological politics are: the innovation and active participation in the globalization process. The Digital Inclusion can be considered as a facilitador process in the development and aid of the promotion of the education, social insertion and development of local economies. Considering the percentage gotten for the interview with the pupils that has access to the Technologies of Information and Communication, we see that the great majority does not make a rational and beneficial use of that the disposal is placed them. In this way, one becomes necessary to create strategies that propitiate the access of more interesting and pleasant form, that is, to enclose and to promote the qualification in accordance with the necessities of the individual for the use of these technologies.

As one of the strategies that can come to contribute of significant form for the amenizao of this picture, it is identified education as the main element in the formation of a society based on the information, the knowledge and the learning. The access to the technologies of the information and communication is related with the basic rights of freedom and expression. It is for this reason that if becomes necessary that the intelligent access to this new was educational if they become contribuitivas tools social, economic, cultural and intellectual the development. It means that the individual has the capacity to discern as and when to use it. Wilson Giuli de Almeida Administrator

CRM Clients

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The clients of nowadays formulate questions, complaints, claims and wish to know on the state of their requests or orders. They are taught to the new technologies of information. They prefer comfortably from its better house or from its bed, with a remote control, to see what they are going to acquire and that this arrives to them by means of a simple call, to the door of its house (or of its bed). The world change. The cities became complic greater mobility; the overpopulation eliminated the possibility of the customized contacts.

But it is here where the Tics began to adapt to the new needs of convenience of the human beings. The Internet, the cellular one, the IPTV are the result of these tendencies. The survivors of this were of the information and the knowledge, will see a new world, that she was never visualized by no verniano writer. Perhaps the pronosticadores of future changes like Alvin Tofler, reached to see the horizon. Our interest is not to deepen in the complex problems that the pollution and global overheating can cause to him to the planet. We leave of the base of which some rational planetary leaders will take the measures in time to restrain the use of fossil fuels and from the elements that they have the abyss on the brink of madness to us.

From that perspective, that is to say if the planet is saved and still we are in here of 15 or 20 years, the best thing is than from or we begin to adapt the technologies to the new exigencies of the clients of all the private or public institutions. What is in game is the survival of companies and products of the next years. If the planet is saved as all we want, the responsibility to the interior of the modern companies of the state or the individuals, is to save the clients. The clients will not tolerate to us that we do not take care of with the intensity and quality to them that they hope. They will use the Tics, llmese, Internet, IPtv, cellular, vehicles, systems of outpost communication. The modern company cannot go to the saga; the innovation, the renovation, the investigation and the development of the best practices of marketing modern or CRM are necessary; based on the total satisfaction of the clients through suitable use of the Technologies of the information and the communication. He is his company prepared for it. It is innovating. It has a modern system of contact to center to the management of the clients that uses the Tics and that are in continuous development of strategies for the satisfaction of their clients based on the new technologies.

Wisdom and Age

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US operated in its lives. The Bible, being the expression of the life of a people, could not leave to mention the wisdom signals gifts in the life of the aged one: accumulated experience, knowledge, prudence, fear D US understanding.> The importance of the accumulated wisdom of the aged ones is evidenced when we study the history of the humanity, the calls had existed in the past Advice of the Ancies in old Greece, Rome, Israel and several other civilizations; in the current days we can cite the aboriginal communities that rare take a decision before consulting or if advise with oldest. In China, one of the countries that more grow economically in the world, the children are under the guard and education of the grandmothers, the Japanese nation also values sufficiently the aged one in its society. To be aged is to be mature, tanned in the life. In Israel, the aged ones were the mantenedores of the faith of the people. They were considered the transmitters of the Alliance. They if had to respect. The knowledge in the new perspectives that involve the Third Age with its conflicts forms the base for the inversion of this situation.

It must, before everything, to occur a mentality change. The society must receive the aged one, respecting its limitations and pointing out its qualities. The third age does not have to be faced as a problem and yes as a very characteristic space of our lives, that must be understood with objetividade. In the modern society the third age must be associated with happiness, experience and wisdom. These ideas must be spread by all the cantos. But so that it has change of the behavior of our society how much to the third age, other alterations must also occur as efforts for improvement of life of our aged in all directions. We are vain of whom the ignorance is point key in this process and must be fought by all means, being responsibility not alone of the governmental institutions, but of all those that have conscience of that, valuing our aged ones, it mainly gains the country and the community in which we are inserted.

Universal Wisdom

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First Epistle of Pablo to the Corntios, CAP. III: 16 and 17. ONE DOOR OPENED IN the SKY GOD goes opening to the few for the inhabited worlds the doors of the sky so that the Material Beings and Spirituals can transpose the porch of its Universal Wisdom: Art, Sport, Politics, Philosophy, Religion, Science, Economy, Mathematics, Physics, Computer science. The Divine Technology unseals for the Man diverse vestibules. After this I looked at, and here it is not only a door opened in the sky, as well as the first voice that heard, as of trumpet to speech with me, saying: He goes up for here, and I will show to you what he must happen after these things. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. IV: 1. ' ' The logical thought can take you of a B, but it takes you to the imagination to any part of the Universo' '.

Albert Einstein? German physicist Nobody can use to the default the divine wealth, because GOD will even ask for accounts of a ceitil. In I say you to truth that you will not leave from there, while not to pay the last cent. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. V: 26. HUMAN BODY Will be that the Human being even so does not perceive that created it to GOD with one sophisticated Technology, much, the elements has had beginning in the dust? It imagines the other Beings more evolved? How beauty that must be! In the sweat of the face you will eat your bread, until you become land, therefore of it you were formed; because you are dust and the dust you will become. Gnesis de Moiss, CAP. III: 19.

The KINGDOMS OF the Mineral, Vegetal, Animal LAND, Hominal and its intermediate. It doubts that it was of the dust? You only prefer yourself to hide the head in the land as the ostrich. GOD GENERATES DIVERSE EFFECT does not put the effect biggest that the CAUSE, therefore is not. The Human being created by GOD has: Vocal brain, heart, ropes, eyes, ears, veins, arteries, nerves, bones, nose, stomach, legs, arms. It thinks now about the All Universal one. It will be that the Beings are equal to the human beings? Clearly that not! Who inhabits in diverse suns, the galaxies, the stars, raised Dwellings more can not have the form human being. You would support to live in a sun? The MAN LEADS the MACHINE does not place a machine above of the Man. He does not have necessity, therefore he has work diversified for the two. If he cannot invert the things. The computer thinks? It also speaks? But it does not have Perpetual Spirit. It is but a used instrument for the man. ' ' To see very discerning harms feeling too much. the Greeks saw very discerning, therefore little they felt. From there its perfect execution of the workmanship of arte' '. Fernando Person? Poet and Portuguese Writer