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Modern Society

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We arrive at the point where already it is not being possible, for some, to discern between fiction and reality. In the same mat they follow those that already do not obtain to discern the certainty from the wrong one, therefore everything seems only one question of philosophical positioning. Also already it is not possible, for many, to discern what it is wisdom of what is madness. The instaladoTudo chaos this is the result of the molding of the global thought practised by the modern thinkers and approved as goal of the ONU for all the peoples, manipulating the opinion of the masses and taking them it the common sense of tolerance and convivncia. The courses of leadership in the evanglicas churches, by the way, are given on the basis of these lines of direction they will transform and them into arm of social action, breaking its main ministry: of evangelizao and of the education of the Word of God. Through this molding of thought all the barriers will be destroyed and substituted by the global thought of peace and harmony between all the peoples, of which the ecumenismo is the predecessor.

The resultant philosophical chaos of the shock between the truth and the lie is establishing a regimen of generalized madness. Moral questions already are something passed it and today everything is allowed. All luck of aberrations is bombando in the medias and what it is certain true are today only conjecturas, therefore the final truth is the result of the mathematical average between the certain the wrong one, false and the true one, so that all can coexist in harmony, exactly having contrary opinions.

Wisdom and Happiness

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Then I asked in thoughts where I can find it? He answered me to the wisdom: I exist since the eternity and am procura of the men, and those that me will find to search me, and the seusdias will be of delight, my first fruit is the patience and straight lines sotodas my words, and of justice my ways, euhabito with the prudence are all and find the science of the advice, are better doque the gold> Eento, my friends, if to be happy we need to have wisdom, we entovamos to search it of all our heart, because in it we will find the luzDivina and we will prosper with certainty in all the directions, and to seprocurarmos, we will find. In the bible you are written that if conheceum wise man, she spends the door-sill of the shoe to find it, and tenhapressa not to leave close to it. then we can say with certainty that asabedoria enchants in them, because it is the proper Divine nature naspessoas, and being thus, it in the ones of the true a happiness.>..

The Wisdom Of God

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Certain made the disciples of Jesus they were harvesting wheat spikes to kill the hunger. The fariseus seeing this if had infuriated because that day was Saturday. E, at that time, Saturday age of total jejum and conjunct. How it could somebody that if said son of God, if held in that way disregarding an order that Its Father had left? It was difficult for the authorities of that time to understand the behavior of Jesus, but of that another form the fariseus would condemn Jesus to the death? The only time that Jesus used of extreme violence was few days before its arrest, banishing the vendilhes from the temple. In this way it could only be imprisoned, judged and condemned for the people. Nobody understood because It Jesus had that behavior alone of that time, if every year happened the same thing. The scholars had understood. But and you? He would love a Jesus who had that, practically, to provoke its death? He would love a Jesus who nobody of the cupola knew with sufficient precision, the point to depend on a disciple its he delivered so that it? He hated it to the world because accurately it did not know it.

But she was necessary that this happened. If not, as would be marked the Holy Writs? . Father blesses us dear who for loving in them in such a way, sent Its Son stops saving in them. Debtor my God on behalf of Mr. Jesus, loves!

Searching The Wisdom

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In time and are of time, must in them relieve Mr. Deus, therefore it does not have another one, is only worthy of honor and Glory, for what it is and will always be, God Saint, Fort, Friend and other attributes the holy ghost for its magnitude, excellency, sanctity, we must always adore it! To praise the Mr., cheers our spirit and our soul, to obey that wonder, we are awarded more and more by it, but in this time ahead of as many processes, valleys, tests, deserts, many they only want exactly is to ask for, to request, with its mere interests others, of wanting to show what it is not, but serving the Mr. of all heart, many does not want, therefore it has that to be humiliated, if to submit, if to abstain, to renounce and many they do not want, want to suck and to explore dons of the next one, without also honoring, without mercy, therefore they want the blessing, despite the retaliaes come to its next, without natural affection, them conquering it is what it matters, without love stops with the others, we must in them relieve always the Mr., for whom it is, to serve with fear, availability, to serve as voluntary soul, many wanting to make alliance with others deuses, we must respect more and the things Mr. Deus, church is hospital of the wounded, then we must give the cure, of the assistance, we are vases Mr., we are chaplains Mr., therefore to each one God distribue its dons and ministries, the headings are important to who had honor, must honor, but to make alliance with the headings, alliance affective, to go the church for only see the brothers, the church are not a social club! Alliance we must make with Mr., to have more and more communion and commitment with it, must share with the brothers, following the peace with all, as it is good for having good relationships, people of character, sincere, honest, or because not to say to have unit of faith, in one alone thoughts, one alone hope to grow spiritual, without envy spiritual, the bible says: It walks with scholars who will be wise (13 Sayings v. 20) also having wise direction the people does not fall, but in the multitude of council members it has security (11 Sayings v.

14), church is conjunct house, then we must adore the Mr. and pray the Mr. to exempt of whom it does not glorify the name of it in us, God wants that let us be wise, therefore it says: who does not have wisdom has asked for the Mr., then that let us can analyze, to meditar in the word night and day Mr., so that let us can know, that we must search the kingdom Mr. in first place, so that the too much things come to our lives, it is in the peace and it remains firm in the promises.

Life Problems

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In ours day-by-day in them we come across with many presumptions problems; she is the attendant of the public agency that soon of morning already in the presenteia with its bad mood and not in the aid in nothing, immature destemperadas people and who are dull of a gratuitous form, the salesman that instead of in giving attention to them is talking with the colleague and innumerable other situations, current or more serious, that we will be able to have the wisdom to transform into challenges. The largeness is in the form that we find to transform the problem into challenge. If to be seated, crying because we are facing a situation ' ' diferente' ' , you there will have a great problem, but if to face everything as a great one challenge, to be always ' ' desarmada' ' , to believe that the person who is in its front also is a son of God and to face everything as a great trick, your growth and your overcoming will be as medals conquered for honor to the merit and you it will have given the first step in direction to the WISDOM. I leave, then with you, the freedom of choice: – You want to have PROBLEMS or CHALLENGES? PROBLEMS OR CHALLENGES? In its book ' ' Alegria' ' , Osho affirms that: Illumination is the deep agreement of that problems do not exist. I found this absurd affirmation at the moment I read that it, has some time behind, but seguidamente this subject came back my mind and the last events they had made me to understand what it, shiningly nailed. What we baptize of problems, would have a more appropriate denomination if we called CHALLENGES. All the adversities and obstacles that we find in our way, to see if them as challenges, will leave of being problems.

The Wisdom

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The theory of the four causes elaborated, searching to understand the essence of each thing; still, searching to discover the truth, the structure of the logical silogism elaborated. Its scientific logic and its studies of biology (potencializados for the conquests of its I cry, Alexander, the Great one), are basic for the development of discipline them to both, that it occurred later (Bergman, 2004). He was the founder of the 2 secondary school, in Atenas, where it taught to its theories of philosophy the students (Figueira, 2005). 4.PERODO HELLENISTIC This period extends of the end of century III C until century VI dC. With the conquests of Alexander, the Great one, from the Macedonian, the culture in the old world suffered many transformations (Figueira, 2005). Later, the conquest of Greece for the Romans intensified the destruction politics of the Greeks and the decay of its concerns politics. The helenismo, for the philosophy, represents a continuity of the schools platonic and aristotelian, and searched to explain the nature and the man, and its relations with the deities (Cabral, 2006). The conquests of the foreigners had caused the decay of the patriotism, placing as main question the private life, the problem of the happiness and the personal salvation.

Thus, the philosophy adopted a position of practical moral, searching to guide the men in its behavior. They are the five main schools of this period: estoicismo, epicurismo, skepticism, ecleticism and cynicism (Cabral, 2006). 4,1 ESTOICISMO the name estoicismo drift of? sto? , that it means porch, alluding to that they were to the doors of the city nailing the doctrine. Unbelievers of you polish and of the influence of deuses, the esticos were individualistic and turned it its subjectivity. For the practical one of virtues had tried to reach the wisdom. Living the virtues in one practical rational, believed that they would obtain? ataraxia? , that it would be the absence of sensations and disturbances.

In The Wings Of The Wisdom

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Nobody can happy be moved away from GOD and its true Identity. To conquer it to supply the proper deficiencies is the duty of all Creature. In the wings of the Wisdom Fortunate the man who does not walk in the advice of the mpios, does not linger itself in the way of the pecadores, nor if he seats in the wheel of the escarnecedores. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 1:1. It looks to the freedom Who without ostentation Is to the sights? It looks the love that nourishes So that it enjoys the nectar of the life? It searchs the love perpetual to leave the hell Where if finds? It runs behind the lost time When lived deluded For the adventures That had only brought agruras To its Soul? It goes in search of the Wisdom That fills the empty hour That the man appreciates, When is not empty. It wants to fill this time That to each moment You wasted? Very well! It finds JESUS, Therefore its Doctrine of Light, Is the only freedom. In the wings of its Wisdom It will find the joy That as much longs for..

Experience, Wisdom, Future

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In beautiful garden, which was admired for all the people who passed that way, one lady, already with sufficient experience, it took care of with is enough to devotion and affection of each flower, each environment, each meter picture that had that immense garden. A truily charming place. In a beautiful morning Mrs., a tree planted that it had earned of gift. Planting the tree, a young one if approached and asked: which is the name of the new tree that lady this planting? It answered you to E: it is imbondeiros, known as Baob. Baob! Yes, Baob.

How much time it delays pra to grow? This tree is known in Africa as the Majesty, the queen of the forests; it can exist for millions of years and grows infinitely, being able until inside constructing house of the proper tree. But how much time goes to be necessary this to happen mine lady? Many years, even though centuries. It believes but to see you this tree to grow? Not! But if all the people thought as you my young, nobody never would have seen the Majesty of a Baob. Therefore the future if plant now and if do not worry about the results. The universe will decide the way which we must follow. Then it plants its future and it forgets resulted them; therefore optimum it has to come. its future duty not to be individualistic, therefore belongs to all You in its individuality finish planting a future that finishes influenced in the collective of a world.

Chief Marketing

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The CiberDiagnosta through his Chief of a main directorate IVAN CARRASCO AKIYAMA it raises that direct marketing like an interactive system of marketing it uses promotional means for pharmaceutical products like integral part of the digital pharmaceutical Marketing, which uses digital platforms of scientific information as well in order to as much secure answers of the doctor as of the phamacist in a medical or pharmaceutical area determined. This new agreed concept to the computer science technology present sandal mass media destined to create an interactive relation with the doctors, phamacists, laboratories and the final consumer as she is the patient who looks for basic information of pharmaceutical products. The intimate relation between traditional direct marketing and the interactive one, through digital platforms like interactive marketing that nowadays, is considered as a still more direct form of the connected systems of pharmaceutical marketing in the present century. mission of the information forums is to sell intangible with creative promotions that can offer scientific information like tool for the doctor and the phamacist. To communicate is its main function and its mission is the one to sell intangible.

The CiberDiagnosta postulates that this computer science means of digital promotion try to obtain that the doctor prescribes you formulate of proven quality. Later if the pharmaceutical product satisfies the needs therapeutic of the medical professionals, the loyalty of the prescriber will be imminent. In many occasions in the experience of the author of this article, they were the doctors and the phamacists who became disinterested promoters of promoted products. Direct and interactive marketing proposes TO SELL as well but to fulfill function to inform the scientific aspects that can contribute to improve the quality of the prescription which it is turning into a health exigency at low cost, adapting the efficiency of the prescription and rationalization of the pharmaceutical cost, attributing lifted, certainly irrational costs to the inadequate prescription, aspect that affects the responsibility of the doctor and other elements that take part in the process as they are the Pharmaceutical Industry, Distributing of pharmaceutical products and pharmacies like dispenser.

Digital Libraries

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For years, educative institutions and organisms deprived public and worry to transfer works, articles and contained forms to the digital format. The projects of digital libraries are outlined like one of the instruments that will help to universalise the knowledge. From 2007, it is possible to be consulted of gratuitous way and through Internet all the bottoms of Spanish historical legislation, from Cortes of Cadiz of 1810, guarded in the library of the Congress of the Deputies. Of this form its public access, its preservation is guaranteed and care, since the physical manipulation of those most valuable documents is avoided. But the intention to unite the knowledge with the new technologies does not remain here. The EU tries to create a digital library, that in 2010 will have six million books at the disposal of all the citizens.

Of parallel form, and from 2006, UNESCO it is working in a similar project, a species of World-wide Digital Library. It is tried to create a deposit in Internet, frees and gratuitous, of materials cultural ” frequent and nicos” available in multiple languages. The digitalization is the second step, after the introduction of the new technologies in the management and operation of the public libraries, a recent phenomenon. To thus it shows to the report the Public Libraries it in Spain. Dynamic 2001-2005 of the Foundation Germa’n Sanchez Ruiprez. Four years ago, only one of each two points on watch of the public libraries used these tools for the cataloguing of their bibliographical bottoms; 37% hardly had an automated catalogue and available in format Web and the same proportion they lacked a service of access to Internet for the users of the libraries.