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English Subcultures

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If in a society begin to dominate subcultural elements, the meaning and main culture artifacts begin to lose their positions, gradually changing under the influence of a much larger number of meanings and artifacts of subcultures. The main difference between this state from the norm is that introduced by the meanings of subcultures and artifacts are beginning to transform the cultural space, is beginning to change the discourse in direction corresponding to the subculture. In this case, the primary culture did not have time to process new meanings and artifacts, they simply incorporated into the existing order, and do not contribute to enrichment culture, and turning it into an environment where there is prolongation of the subcultures. Something similar can be observed at the intersection of Internet culture and main culture: slang, which was formed on the Internet as Russian-speaking and English-speaking, actively introduced into everyday life, and we can find enough people who communicate in this slang. Can not say that such a transfer slang only expands the scope of subculture, making it more comprehensive and able to give a complete alternative to the main culture. Rather, this process can be represented in the form of expansion of zones of influence of subcultures, and in these areas and the mechanics of events is subject to one or another meaning of the various subcultures. Main culture becomes an empty shell, containing a large number of subcultures, it is not even a night watchman, and the forgotten foundation the existence of subcultural pluralism.

Internet In Our Lives

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Internet entered our lives recently, only about 15 years ago, but in that short time has become an important place in people's lives. Let us carry out the analysis and explain how important it is for humans. First of all, the Internet is communication tool, using it can transmit information. Once I saw the statistics, which thanks to the Internet each day saved from being cut down thousands of hectares of forest. This is true, a lot of information people send each other e-mail, thereby saving paper. E-mails reach their destination in a fraction of seconds, no doubt first distinctive feature of the Internet is speed. To the news headlines around the world, you just press a button on the keyboard.

Also in World Wide Web you can find lots of useful information, the cook will find millions of recipes, a student essay, the student is no longer necessary to run the libraries; a young mother learns how to properly care for a child, any person can find anything you want. Most of all I am grateful for the fact that the internet from there you can download software, movies, music, and many of interesting. Some geniuses have become millionaires through the world wide web and start making money online can each user. But as in any field, there are downsides, I would like to list a few: pornography, propaganda of violence, drug manufacturing instructions, etc. With the Internet people can deceive, actively develops SMS extortion, and generally such crimes go unpunished. In the last time an increasing number of sites calling for people to violence, the destruction of human values, national attempting to foment war. Hopefully, we the people stay and people will not pawns in someone else's violent games.

Internet Free Website

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Internet is full of attractive offers inexpensive if not free to make a website. Web-site design studio portrayed as technically complicated and very expensive creative process and argue that the unique design – guarantee the success of the site. Who is right and what will have to pay for 'free lunch'? The following are the component parts that make up the establishment and maintenance of web sites. Hope this helps you make for yourself the right choice. Free domain name domain – this is probably the most important part of the site.

If you can easily change or replace neponravivshiysya hosting boring design of the site, the replacement of the domain name is lost all acquired by overwork – achieved authority site for search engines (Page Rank Google and Yandex TIC) and the promotion of the new domain will have to start all over again. Plus a free domain name – save for the registration of the order of $ 20 per year (Depends on region). Now for the minuses. Free third-level domains can be cumbersome and difficult to remember the name. Also, your site will depend on the owner of the second-level domain under which you are now, and in this If there are any difficulties with the change of host. Some projects start out as non-commercial enthusiast and it seems there is no point in spending even a little money to buy a domain name. But over time they gain popularity and begin to generate revenue not only from display advertising.