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Basic Internet Services

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On the Internet there are a number of protocols built on the basic protocols of TCP / IP, and offering diverse services. Speaking about the application protocols, services, Internet services offered by the network and the opportunities provided by Internet, we're talking about the same. There are only a few basic services on the Internet. The most common service in the early days of the Internet was Telnet. It allows you to turn your PC into a remote terminal another computer. Terminal of a conventional computer is different because it does not perform its own calculations. Everything you type on your keyboard to a remote computer. The remote computer runs the program, perform the necessary calculations and searches for information.

The results are passed back and displayed on your monitor. You like working on a remote computer, staying in the workplace. As remote computers are mostly used machines running the operating system UNIX, so to work in terminal mode commands require knowledge of the system. With the development of graphical operating systems such as Windows, the command mode of operation has become less popular, and the Telnet service in recent times is almost never used. Many information systems that were previously available only via Telnet, now available from the World web, which will be discussed below. E-mail or e-mail has long been the most common and cheapest means of information exchange. As a means of communication, it does not differ from the usual mail, but it works much faster.


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ACTS allows you to monitor and automatically limit the cost of corporate telephony subscribers, as well as significantly reduce the administration costs of telephony. The solution simplifies the routines for managing corporate subscribers, supports the relevance of data about the subscriber telephony system by synchronizing with the personnel system that provides the ability to distinguish control different groups of users, which is important for geographically dispersed organizations. ACTS integrates with IP PBX system and personnel management, or, in the absence of the latter, c intermediate systems, such as Active Directory. ACTS can also operate without the integration of human resource database, but in this case human events must be entered manually from the console operator. Depending on the customer's deployed systems implementation and integration of ACTS takes from one to six months. With the new product is being committed daily records of calls and calculates their value. With this information formed the necessary reports.

The system allows you to enter the limits spending on communication services for individual employees and departments, in fact limits will notify employees and, if necessary, automatically forced to limit access to commercial areas. ACTS architecture allows you to add modules to the system to account for any fee-based services, including mobile devices, and summarize them in the general account and the subscriber unit. ACTS provides maintenance of a database of subscribers, units support received from the personnel management system events. With the help of ACTS keeps track of numbering capacity distribution, accounting, and issued free of telephones, recording devices complete accessories. System allows you to reserve room and apparatus for a particular position.

In the event of prolonged absence or dismissal of the employee ACTS can block a phone, transfer incoming calls to your answering machine or other employee. The solution supports common phones (phones that serve a group of people). ACTS supports geographically distributed systems, performs authentication and authorization of the operator, the delegation of the operator rights to the operations of all objects or only to subscribers of a particular unit or area. ACTS directly solves the problem of reducing the cost of telephone service. This happens, firstly, by reducing the cost of management of corporate telephony system: Many operations are automated, and to work with ACTS can not only highly qualified in the field of IP-telephony specialists. Second, the system allows you to limit spending employees to telephone services, which often leads to effective financial performance. ACTS is already being implemented right now we have one of our customers ", – said Maxim Mamaev, head of corporate communications company AMT Group.

Nokia Repair

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Today's statistics show that in each calendar year the amount of people who one way or another used in its reality and the work of a variety of complex electronic devices, only increases. At this – grows in direct geometric progression. Even those who are still quite a few years ago believed that a cell phone or, indeed, the laptop is a needless luxury, more and more frequently used such electronic devices. Because that much more valuable than the comfort and speed of delivery of any action which affects any of us preuspevaemost in this society. A present-day multi-functional electronics makes such delivery of a more simple and easily manufactured. However, it is clear what you want electronics wants ongoing service and at the same time adjusting.

And besides, mobile phones can often mean that in a couple of tens of hours, even weeks, you need to do without your convenient device. However, most companies that make the repair of cellular phones, offer their own customers for a period of repairs to select the unit lease. But most importantly, when you give your own mobile or any other electronic device to be repaired, so as a result of the unit was "like new". And the obvious thing for this need to professionals who make repairs nokia cell phones can do direct telephone sets this brand. This allows professionals to develop their own skills, and customers – to take a truly the quality of the repairs as soon as possible. Since it is clear that the specialist who may specialize in a particular brand or model, much more quickly pick up the essence of failure, because he understands everything without exclusion of "weak points" of the brand. And, accordingly, to correct the damage quickly. This trend may relate to both maintenance of cellular telephones and any other maintenance activities associated with electronic systems.

For example, laptop repair specialists in any case offer a book in Narrow organizations, and not in multi. Indeed, one option – so when sophisticated – and expensive – equipment will be engage in a master repairing netbooks and otherwise – when the same master just corrected kettle or fridge, and an hour to clean the sewer line will go to one of our customers. In the first case, there is chance to actually fix the skilful, the last such chance is practically not present. And, of course, must initially inquire about the level of quality repairs in a particular service center, if you decided to choose such that as close to home, rather than corporate service center. After all, it is clear that the greedy pay twice.