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Shop Nokia Ovi Store

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In February, has been announced Shop Nokia Ovi Store, which will be available as media files (music, video) and mobile applications. The first built-in access to Ovi Store received the Communicator N97, but will later store on other models of Series 60 and even to ordinary phones with them, you could buy a nokia mobile phone and its annexes. As promised the Finnish concern, the service will be intelligent. That is, he will take into account user preferences and location and in accordance with these findings, "anticipate" his interesy.Kstati, form content can all comers, and developers will have 70% of the profits from sales of their product. Many leading companies have already registered on Ovi Store. By 2012, the company plans to sell, including online store nokia phone about three hundred million devices with integrated Ovi Store.Tak well as on Ovi Store, put the application on sale can everyone, but Microsoft has been less generous toward the developers. And although the service will take you those same 30%, as do Apple, Google and Nokia, in order to place the application on Windows Marketplace, will pay $ 99. This measure of company intends to protect ordinary users from fraud, under the guise of offering programs junk files, as happened at Apple App Store.

Recall that some time ago in the "apple" store application appeared I Am Rich, which is not have absolutely no functionality, but it was worth $ 999.V the end, even some two or three years ago, interest in the market of mobile content displayed in the main only content providers (because it was their core business), but mobile operators and retailers. And the last two, this niche was interesting, mainly as bait for the next customer. To date, the same time, the online sale of music, video, and applications into a powerful industry with billions in turnover. A example of Apple clearly proved that the phone manufacturers are not redundant in this segment and have every chance of a good idea to make money. Today's Stats suggests that in future the main income producer "iron" may begin to emerge not only from direct sales of the devices themselves, but also acquired them for content. In the same way as it is now printer manufacturers make their consumables.


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January and June – the most difficult months in the lives of students, it's time to the period of sessions. As soon as they are not trying to take exams. They are doing the cheat sheet, and carried through textbooks, and use the internet on your mobile. For obtain a good estimate many of the students even pay bribes to their teachers. But not everyone knows about such an invention, both earpieces. This device is a small, sleek rectangle ranging in length from 7 to 15mm, which easily enters the ear and practically invisible.

There are only three of the micro variety. Their separation is the method of connection. The first type – the headset is connected to the phone via a special headset that attaches to the neck. A significant disadvantage is that you can not leave a cell phone nearby. Another type of headphones also use a telephone, but the headset is not directly connected to it, and using Bluetooth, so you can leave the phone about yourself or delay at all. This option is perfect for those occasions when the exam all the things you need to add up when you exit.

Use as such earpieces too often do not, by reason of the fact that they strongly put your cell phone battery. Many people think that these headphones can accidentally connect to another phone, but it is not, after all, when you connect You can set the password, then to you no one else can connect. The latter type of headphone uses a slightly different principles, since it uses no telephone, and radio. But to use such earpieces uncomfortable, because must have a radio with him. An important advantage is that these headphones can be used in places where there is suppression of cell phones, for example, in the state finals. It must be remembered that all, without exception headphones are connected to the telephone or the radio via the 'mediator' – a wired headset, which should be hidden. Value of all the micro range from 150 to 500 U.S. dollars.

Aidol Hartwachs

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Consumption: approx. 2 x60 80 ml / m It has the following fasovok 10 and 20 liters. To care for the surface of the product is suitable Aidol Hartwachs-Polisch. New Product: PUR TL-222-Treppenlack This product is a completely new product! What's so special about this product? According to the directive Deco-Paint polyurethane coatings based on solvent completely removed from the construction of stairs (at at least officially). Alternatively, coinciding with the directive Deco-Paint in this area was only possible due to increase in the amount of solids from 30% to 55%.

But all this brings along with the significant disadvantages: considerably reduced pot life of less than 4 hours, significantly prolonged drying: it takes half working days for drying and grinding capabilities, such products have become very uneconomical due to high the content of curing components (eg the proportion of mixing paint and hardener 2:1) because of the high content of solid surface looks unnatural (artificial). Product PUR TL-222-Treppenlack totally different from this. PUR TL-222-Treppenlack a hybrid lacquer in which the volatile organic compounds (VOC) is not replaced by a binder / solids. Thanks to special technology of volatile organic compounds (VOC) was replaced by water. So This product has acquired the following properties: a complete two-component polyurethane lacquer based solvent is a product according to 2010 standards, the content of solids in the normal range (30%) due to This provides a natural surface and elegant lines, vysokoekonomichen: proportion, when mixed with a hardener PUR H-280-H rter: 10:1; long processing time (8:00) / pot life (16 hours), the product PUR TL-222-Treppenlack has high strength, as well as all polyurethane varnishes; product PUR TL-222-Treppenlack immediately after application has a cloudy milky color tinge disappears during the drying period. Because of the composition of the product delivery may take place only in plastic cans with a special coating. Initially, the product is represented only in a volume of 10 l, as already planned in the short term release a product volume of 20 liters.

The Terrain

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And if a performer, again, does not show the required tenacity to your questions, then of course the quality of Your repair may noticeably decrease. Another is that the owner of the cottage left to the conscience of repair team, neglecting even simple common control for repair. Meanwhile, do not forget all the same that most of the terrain Russia is in the near Asia, and our employees without fully befitting control can do for you, so to say "Asian", but not "European" space renovation. A warranty on the work made? In the event If you find in the future some flaws, blemishes, etc., then your claim for work done to bring will be just some, and you will have to hire a team of dressers and a full range of pay for all your important work. In the end, you should mention this important point, as the quality of initial construction. The fact that the renovation from time to time turns into a first correcting flaws builders.

If walls, ceilings, and floors in a suburban house are made from harsh violations and deviations, it is probably a few options: either you just spend a certain amount of money to remove them large sums of money (and then no renovation of satisfaction will not), or even can not do anything to correct, for reasons of technological character. Hence, the basic requirement of a simple – provide high-quality building town houses, so as not to pay in the near future. So a reasonable method, as long as clear and specific definitions of the European-quality repair, as we discovered, does not exist, then the customer has similar operations in the main draw on their common meaning, while using skoplenny baggage of knowledge of repair and construction. To translate eurorepair method was accurate, did not depend on fashion, prestige, legends, and legends, it is necessary to start to work out all the issues theoretically.

Carefully Choose

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In addition, you can geotextile or a special need felt, decorative film to the edges (it glued sand, gravel or crushed stone), coconut leaf, containers for aquatic plants, tool for bonding and repair of the film. For more stability of the waterfront should ditch digging in a series of terraces, alternating with slopes. The steepness of slopes should not exceed 45 , and the width of the terraces to be at least 30 cm is very well looked shallow coastal waters with area, as well as swampy coastal strip. The depth of the pit should be 10-15 cm higher than you plan to be able to thoroughly compacted first layer of crushed stone, and then a sandy base with a minimum thickness of 10 cm Carefully Choose stones, roots. Only after that, and compaction can be spread or geotextile felts. They will protect the film from damage. Fabrics should be lapped cast. Stretches over geotextile wrap.

Previously it has to ripen in the sun on the lawn at least 2 hours. Today, the film sold a wide range of widths, it is better to buy such that it avoids the need to bond cloth. After placing the film must be carefully smooth out wrinkles and begin adding water, which gently lower the hose. First, fill the reservoir in the third. After 2-3 hours of continuing to fill the pond with water. Only after the water stretch film, you can start to design the top of the film of the pond.

First, trim the surplus produce of the film, then sealed the edges, forming a ridge, and only after that you can decorate the shore of the reservoir with a film pebbles or stone, gravel backfill or coarse sand. Secondly, you have to settle himself and coastal pond ornamental plants. Equipment for the small pond, decorative pond, of course, you can arrange in the garden of their own, especially because today a lot of literature.