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The Advantage

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Customer can offer a few finished projects wooden house, it can also bring your own sketch, on which will do the work. You can build a small and cozy suburban home, and you can navigate to the construction of the cottages. Wooden summer houses, mostly made of logs. High-quality round logs has a great advantage over conventional wood: it requires no external decoration. Consequently, it will be possible avoid additional costs.

Still have to cover round logs painted to moisture and fire resistance. Houses made of logs different uniform in size and length of the logs. Round logs allows the assembly to create a more rigid structure of a log home – log to a log fit tightly, creating a good level of insulation and the walls are monolithic. To date, very popular enjoys building wooden houses of the framework. Wooden houses – ideal for building holiday homes.

Log buildings are easy to design – they can even build your own. House of logs often made on the basis of the framework. Log cabin – it is practical, economical, but not always fast. If you are going to put on the site chopped wooden house, log cabin or for a bath you need to know some simple things. Building a log house is in second place in the overall system construction of wooden houses. First run projects of wooden houses, log cabins are made then, and then comes the internal and external finish at home if it has need. Houses made of logs are produced, mainly from pine, spruce, larch and cedar. Log buildings shall be constructed of tightly adjacent to each other logs to avoid future occurrence cracks. Along with the construction of wooden houses, rampant construction of the cottages: the shield and frame houses. Prefab homes are distinguished commonality sizes of bearing elements, which allows you to select any type interior and exterior trim. In addition, a simplified, but at the same time, the functional construction of a frame house can safely carry out the permutation of both internal and external. Prefab homes can be as wood and brick. Skeletal structures are durable through treatment, and a hidden deployment framework. Construction of cottages offers a scope and frame houses. Usually, the term “panel houses” is not used alone, but as a concept is a frame-panel houses. Panel houses are used not only for summer residence, but an increase in the layer of insulation, hollow-house fit for habitation and there in the winter .. Frame-panel houses are built in a short time, and they have a long service life. Panel houses are built along the lines of prefabricated buildings. The advantage of panel-frame houses is that they do not require further finishing. The project to build a cottage or holiday home construction requires a certain level of knowledge, imagination and income. Therefore, a suitable option for all your suggestions for the construction of own a wooden house or cottage will be the construction company “Kizhi”, founded in 1996. The firm provides architectural design and construction of wooden and panel-frame houses, cottages, saunas. Company building a winter wood and timber frame houses and cottages, country houses and summer baths, as individual projects, as well as offering their standard designs of wooden houses and cottages. kizhi.78 @ list.

The Main Advantages Of Plants For Decontamination Of Water And Runoff

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All plants to disinfect water and wastewater series of “Lazur-M” have the characteristics of the irradiation of microorganisms in line with international standards for more than 40 mJ / sm.kv that provides a high degree of disinfection virtually all types of microorganisms for the next 30 years, taking into account the ongoing adaptation of microflora to ultraviolet radiation. Really starting irradiance in plants to disinfect water and wastewater series of “Lazur-M” 65-70 mJ / sm.kv. All companies in Russia have the worst performance. 2. The real cost of installation for disinfecting drinking water and wastewater “Lazur-M” with comparable doses of UV radiation by 1.5-2 times lower than that of the LIT, EGA-XXI Age, Lapek etc. 3.

Warranty period plant for disinfection of drinking water and waste water for at least 2 years, including all interchangeable elements: ultraviolet light and ultrasonic emitters and hosts. This is significantly higher than that of any company. 4. Simultaneous operation of UV (ultraviolet) and U.S. (ultrasonic) devices in the housing systems for disinfecting water and wastewater can reduce to 5-6 times the amount of chemicals if they are used by technology (Eg, swimming pools or other water recycling systems) .. And with the location of bactericidal plants after introduction of the disinfectant in place of the secondary chlorination significantly reduce the amount due effective despergirovaniya deziinfektanta ultrasound.

5. Plants for the disinfection of water and wastewater does not require chemical cleaning, which is important for disinfection of wastewater with low transparency and high amount of suspended solids. Installation of LIT need for transparency over 60% at 1 cm from UV radiation and no more than 2-3 mg / liter of suspended (ie, installing carbon filters, such as in Bratsk), and only if they are washed rare, but it is a very high cost. 6. Ultrasonic transducers effectively kill giardia cysts and oocysts kristosporidii (see parasitological MU 3.2.1757.03) and with UV light to ensure complete sterilization. At disinfection of wastewater by ultraviolet radiation only the required minimum dose – more than 65 mJ / sm.kv, and for disinfection of natural drinking water of at least 45 mJ / sm.kv. 7. Plants for the disinfection of drinking water and wastewater ultraviolet and ultrasound series of “Lazur-M” are lightweight and compact. They do not require special foundations (as in LITA), because the weight of each module, high performance water does not exceed 250 kg (LITA 4000 kg). 8. The modular design of the stations and waste water disinfection units of 500 cubic meters / hour economically more advantageous, because standby has a lower price than LTL. Also, if you reduce the amount of water at night can disable some modules Azure, which results in significant savings of electricity consumed. 9. All modules for disinfection of water and waste water with ultraviolet light and ultrasound, “Lazur-M” assembled from easily replaceable units, which in Basically you can not even change completely disabling the installation. 10. All installations for disinfecting water and sewage by ultraviolet radiation and ultrasound series of “Lazur-M” have been thoroughly realistic certification in Russia and abroad, as evidenced by the relevant records and documents. Production Company “Svarog” certified under the international standard ISO 9001. 11. Production buildings, lamps, cabinets, etc. zadublirovany and equipped high-performance technology, which ensures short lead times. 12. All installations for disinfecting water and sewage by ultraviolet radiation from the use of ultrasound on the production run thoroughly tested in the assembled form, which ensures high reliability with minimal time expenses in the start-up mode at customers’ facilities.