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Electronic Catalogue

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E. Other piterets offers: – Catalogue of parts and assembly units of tractors K-700A and K-701. – Catalogue of parts and assembly units of tractors K-702 (UDM, bcu, loader PK-6). – Catalogue of parts and assembly units of tractors K-744. It is unlikely that these directories are better than the first, but any of the directories can be bought for 85 at.

is, any two – the 130 from. is, all three – for 170 at. e. Minskers not far behind. Focusing on technology, produced in Belarus, Siabry made their electronic catalogs and offer them from 30 at. is, up to 80 at. e. The cheapest is a directory of maz, a tractor, for example, CD-ROM 'The electronic parts catalog and nodes tractors MTZ-80/82/800/900/1005/1025 / 1221/1523/923 'version in 2005, is 60 at.

e. Altaians created: – Electronic Catalogue of tractors T4A – T402. – Electronic Catalogue of skidding tractor TT4 – TT4M. – Electronic Catalogue of tractors T4A – T402, TT4 – TT4M. – Electronic Catalog crawler transporter towing (T T T). This entire collection is 145 y. E. Dealers jsc Tractor Plant has developed an entire spectrum of electronic interactive catalog of parts and assembly units of tractors and tractor engines, which are offered for sale in the range 30 70 at. is, for the model. Online catalog provides a link between the positions of parts (assembly units) in the figure and its description (symbol, name, etc. etc.) in the specification, on the one hand, and the relationship of textual information in the specification of the picture, on the other side.

Screen Printing

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Also, unfortunately, no schools, no books, which would be standardized in some way everything that each printer needs to know. In fact, everyone is a carrier of its own 'habits' in the work, and rarely seek to change it, to obtain reliable results with one or other consumable items. Therefore, the quality of products depends not only on the strict observance of technological recommendations, but also on the knowledge and experience of each master. The name 'silkscreen' recently. Modern look Screen Printing has acquired a 30-50-XX century.

Since the method of silk began to print a substrate of any kind, from fabrics to posters, from postcards to labels, up to license plates for cars. However, in practice purely commercial use of the printing process has led to the fact that the screen printing is not viewed as a new incarnation of the graphics, like a print process, but was in fact a subordinate position, which made prejudiced to consider it a secondary method, a special kind of printing. Currently, the spectrum of application of this method of printing is very wide, which is associated with specific features screen printing. Now Screen Printing applies not only in printing but also in the textile, electronics, automotive, glass, ceramic and other industries. The initial stage in the process of screen printing – preparation photoforms. Image is formed computer, then displayed a transparent film with his image at 1:1 on the future of the printed image. In this image made stencil – a frame with a stretched her small synthetic or metal mesh (the smaller the mesh, the higher the resolution of the print).