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Thermal Insulation Thermo – Insulation Of Facades Cottages

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During the heating period by enclosing parts inevitably occur heat losses, which range from 30 to 80% of the lost energy. The system enables improved thermal insulation to reduce these characteristics, and accordingly, as well as spending more than 5 times. It is not good insulated outer walls, in addition contribute to the creation of unfavorable indoor climate, condensation, resulting in is soaking building elements, as well as mold. These problems can be solved through adequate insulation of exterior walls. At warming facade cottages meneralovatnymi plates in large as reduced noise pollution. The facade of the house can be warmed in 3 ways: inner insulation, outer insulation and the insulation structure inside the wall. For the most part wish to be given to systems outside thermal insulation, as They have several advantages: protect walls from adverse environmental impacts (air, temperature, and biological); protect the walls from cooling, which prevents condensation on the inner surfaces, provide a "breathing" walls, as well as, of course, additional sound insulation, as well as long-term use.

Facade insulation systems depending on the technology falls into the following groups: – light plaster systems insulation – hard plaster thermal insulation system – ventilated facade construction. In light of plaster insulation systems plate heater is attached to the wall with glue and dowels, and then covered with a thin plaster layer. The total thickness of the layers does not exceed 15 millimeters. As can be seen that to the heat insulating material in front of the system presents the highest guidance. To perform qualified installation of light plaster systems require workers with relatively high qualifications, as the plaster must be applied evenly and durable layer of glass-fiber reinforcement. Plate heater in heavy plaster system is attached with steel mesh reinforcement, and anchors.

The thickness of the layers of insulation after sometimes can be up to 50 millimetrov.V this facade system, metal mesh protects the carrier topcoat of linear thermal strain. Here, as well as in the lungs of plaster systems, there are high notes on a heater. Ventilated facade system is similar to masonry with an air gap, only instead of the outer wall of various facing materials are used (boards or sheet material). Thermal insulation is fixed to the wall with the load-bearing frame, and anchor fastening system. Such a system insulation Facade provides ventilation of the inner layers, as well as promotes the removal of moisture, which saved the insulating properties of insulation and walls, as well as improves the appearance of the walls, and, importantly, increases the service life of insulation (up to 70 years!) depending on the material used. Used in modern construction of the outer insulation of houses provide an opportunity to not only effectively solve energy conservation, as well as provide opportunities to architects and designers to create a completely new image of the cottages, making them inaccessible to earlier forms. thermo grade materials are certified fire safety, sanitary and epidemiological certificates, certificates of radiation safety, as well as technical certificates RosStroy rf. In early 2007, the holding Thermosteps received the Certificate of Conformity quality management system according to international standards iso 9001:2000.

The Client

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But we must remember also that this formula has another meaning, mercantile! Agent, showing their competence in the knowledge of the product or service will never sell (Vtyuhaet) client product, in which the client later be disappointed! The grateful client manager can be useful in the future, because customer satisfaction, with high probability, will try to advise you their friends. And it's not just patriotic feelings towards your company does! The agent must take care of forming their own brand of personal. From this it may be concluded the company's management, although this may sound like nonsense – in return for the manager must be part of a certain ratio, for not prisoners or inmates are not the maximum transaction that is not alienated a potential customer, and added confidence to the company itself. Agent, its means of their competence, should dispel the confusion and obscurity in the mind of potential consumers to spend time (sometimes more than he would like) to explain the subtleties of services, but (Repeat) do not always result should be a sale of the maximum package of services – far more important to throw the seeds of confidence in the client! Someone will suffice to mention the lucrative stock-discount, but someone has to calculate how much it save for half a year taking part in the rally, someone wants to know how much it would cost the cable at the store, we are treading free and some have enough congratulations on behalf of the company's upcoming holiday! But this is only one side of sales – the main thing that the client has formed a stable stereotype of reliability to serving his firm, the trust, which tried to make him an agent. In their work, the agent can (and should) be applied common passages known advertising campaigns. For example, if a potential customer, referring to cable television, said that all the same everywhere, there is no point arguing with him, have a great arm – why pay more if you still show the same thing! The manager must take all the arguments the client agrees with some reservation in his (naturally) use. But the buyer should see service in the agent is not an opponent, and friendly minded specialist, sent (by God) for professional advice.


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This is associated with obtaining permits for the purchase of the War Department in Izmir and the Chief Cadastral Management in Ankara. Being in essence a formal act, certifying that the land does not belong and not used by the state and military officials, the procedure for obtaining this document from Izmir lasts from 3 to 8 weeks. After receiving the declaration, the formalities of registration and registration in the Land Registry management rights property, subject to inventory the book and the issuance of the deed, cross-legged 'TAPU', completed in one day. "02/06/2006 introduced a new procedure for the documentation procedures for purchasing real estate by citizens of Russia in Turkey Republic. Certificate of ownership (Title Deed) for the Russians are now issued with a residence permit issued for a period of not less than 6 months (previously it was not required).

The residence permit is issued in local Directorate of Security, the Department for working with foreigners in declarative manner. When applying for and obtaining a permit to a private client presence. After its receipt, you must not later than than 3 months to provide a copy of this management Tapu, or a certificate from the Cadastre management that the property acquired, but the documents at the moment are on clearance. Otherwise, view permit will be revoked. Documents required for application: – acting for a period of at least 6 months passport – 4 color photo 3,5 x4, 5 cm – extract from the account of any Turkish bank on the availability of the sum of not less than than 1200 dollars or 1200 euros (or certificate of conversion of the sum of the Turkish lira) – application form (issued on the spot).

Windows System

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Commercial enterprises prefer to take advantage of money: "After the transition to Windows 7 appears several sources of direct cost savings. First, we expect to reduce costs to the regional Internet traffic up to 40% by the use of technology BranchCache (in conjunction with Windows Server 2008 R2). Secondly, the BitLocker technology will eliminate the purchase of individual applications to encrypt data – everything is already built into the operating system and is free for our program Software Assurance. And thirdly, we are now actually saves energy through advanced management capabilities Power Windows 7 – Paul says Illarionov, director of support and maintenance of information systems Europlan. – The transition to Windows 7 will not require additional investment in the license agreement by Enterprise Agreement, and will not lead to an increase it costs through automation of migration. " On the part of the Microsoft Partner relating to the new operating system in more than positive.

For the benefit of migration to the "seven" and said support manufacturers' hardware. Known, for example, that netbooks with xp on board" with the October 2010 g. will not. "New models and notebook PCs sold with Windows 7, the hardware, part of the new models of system units and portable computers are not so well is running another operating system (and often does not work at all). Therefore, corporate and private customers prefer it "seven" in most cases ", – said Vladimir Vysotsky, the head of of electronic distribution Axoft. All of the above factors will eventually also affect the fact that the flow of migration from earlier versions of Windows 7 is much higher than it was when you exit Windows Vista. Representatives of the builders directly declare: "The move to Windows 7 especially in combination with ms Office 2010, which was released recently, will increase the productivity of employees and get a real return on a software update.

And this factor is One of the main arguments in the current economic conditions ", – said Maxim Kislitskiy, head of Microsoft solutions company TopS Business Integrator. It only remains to add that the last word still remains for the user. Despite all the efforts made by Microsoft, the corporation failed to change the negative attitude of the community to Vista. The situation of the Group of Seven looks totally different, the feeling that the new system, destined to live long, as is the case with xp, already appeared. But whether the company will receive a wave of migrations as early as this year, or domestic business once again think about it at the last moment – is unknown.

Information Business

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So, getting a page for page usage with a potential client develops the overall picture. But if you try it once to all the "booklet", then probability of success will drop back to 10%. For such a series of letters signed by a potential client amu and he expects to get a similar way from you some very valuable and free information on the interesting subject to him. Thus, step by step, a series of letters erases Distance and credibility of the potential client to the author of letters (of course, if a series of letters made up correctly and shows the professionalism of the author raised by the topic). 2. What to write his series of letters? In the words of L. Ron Hubbard – the goal of any living organism is to survive as well. People here are no exception, and the most vivid rule.

The better you survive, the better you feel feel and the more pleasure you get from life. So, everyone wants to survive as best as possible and of course he will always appreciate any information and assistance that will help him in some areas to survive better. Actually, the whole information business is built on the fact that people who have learned to be something better and , then draw up their experience in practical management and sell them to other people who strive for greater efficiency, and freedom in their lives. So the first thing each of you must determine what it is certainly better survival than most people around them.


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Now a lot of people go to rest, living in hotels, inns, pansiotanatah and similar areas. However, often it turns out that in reality the living conditions worse than in the brochures of travel agents. Why so much difference? Now available in the market stevia as large hotels, and hotels "mediocre." For such institutions can be difficult to find good staff. And sometimes it is a problem for a large network hotel. And sometimes improperly organized and manage all tourist object. And who benefits from it? Actually – no. Customers receive less amenities, staff work effectively, the owner is the direct and indirect costs. It is not even that often lags far behind world standards – and the fact that tourists just do not want to come back to this place for the second time.

And that is the result of this "vacation"? Tourists dissatisfied, dissatisfied managers, the money spent. But often, staff negligence leads to fatal consequences: the complaints, negative customer reviews, and so podobynym negative effects. To solve this situation may be the only people for whom the hotel and restaurant business – native element. Many advised in such cases to contact management companies. Management companies, certainly not a panacea from all ills, but their services are able to well actually help your business, reduce losses and increase the quality of service. This involves the complex optimization of business processes at your facility. Find the right management company – also simple matter.

First and foremost it is worth paying attention to portfolio companies, interested in the affairs of past clients and ask how old the company is available on the market these services. For example, Nathalie company we can recommend as reliable. With it you can really streamline your business. This company employs true professionals who know all about cleaning, cleaning, and hotel management objects.

Consumer Rights

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In the case can not happen to ask whether you have power surges in the network. Your behavior must be firm and consistent – he is broken, even if you knocked on devaysu hammered, it was boiled in a kettle and charges directly from 220 volts. If you find a very dishonest servismen and detects "cracks on the board," the traces of moisture, "traces of unauthorized repair", ie that you can not reliably refute – become quarreler. Should act decisively: to threaten to complain wherever you can, write down phone numbers, defiantly management company, call the office in the Society for the Protection of consumer rights, etc. In other words, show that the client you are unyielding, knowing their rights and give them a merry life, too. Usually after that microcracks are overgrown, the oxides dissolve, new firmware and device are somehow begins work. Rights and responsibilities. In order to protect their rights and fulfill other people's responsibilities is desirable to take a closer look with the pamphlet "The Law of the Russian Federation on February 7, 1992 N 2300-I On Protection of Consumer Rights (as amended on June 2 1993, 9 January 1996, December 17, 1999, December 30, 2001, 22 August, 2 November, 21 December 2004, July 27, October 16, November 25, 2006) "In accordance with the this law, we have plenty of rights: Clause 1 of Article 18: "A consumer who sell goods of inadequate quality, if it has been agreed upon by the seller, may opt to require: – free elimination of product defects or reimbursement for their correction by the consumer or a third person – a proportionate reduction of the purchase price; – Replacement of the goods of the same brand (model, type) – replacement for the same product of another brand (model, type) with an appropriate recalculation of the purchase price.

Ricardo Semler

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Among the changes he made (some more radical than others, but in any case, quite unusual) may include: – Elimination of parking and executive dining rooms. As a symbol of democracy, lifted these privileges, the first to arrive where you want parking. – Removal of partitions, so that people and departments relate more. – Evaluation reverse: before someone is promoted or hired for a position of command, is interviewed and evaluated by everyone who goes to work at your service. In addition, every six months is subject to the assessment of persons who supervises, anonymously. The scores are publicly. – Organization: There is either not used the organizational structure, the structure was flattened to just four levels and is organized in the form of concentric circles, rather than the traditional pyramid shape. – Share of profit: We negotiated for all workers, reaching an unusual 23% of the profit of the company.

– Permission for hepatitis: every year or two years, allows a worker to abandon their usual duties for a few weeks or few months to learn new skills, recharge your batteries … The program came about because some officials said they had no time to think, and then suggested that they thought would happen if contrajesen hepatitis and had to be a couple of months out of the company. – Preference for the house: when there is a vacancy, Semco employees have priority if they reach at least 70% of the requirements. The self-created by Ricardo Semler took him to define his employees could schedule (to put their eight hours as they want), and even your salary (and oddly enough, there were many cases where someone should ask something crazy, and yes there were any of those who "fell short"). It also established a "pay at risk", which benefited almost a third of the employees, and that is to have 25% of salary up or down, depending on how you go to the company.

If the company has a good year, the employee becomes 125% of their salary, but if it is bad, 75% charged. In this way, rewards those who want to take the risk with the company, and allows labor costs are in relation to the results of company. And in their efforts because the workers make their decisions, and not rely on one person (before embarking on the changes, worked long hours every day and was very stressed out), has been discharged himself from responsibilities as a counselor to be more and usually work from home, encouraging everyone who can to do the same, as he says, promotes concentration and productivity. And as I said is that Aristotle, reflection requires leisure.

Tips To Launch Your Website Easily

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If into your plans is to have your own, you are sure you will find a dilemma throw network with optimal results? Well, here are some tips to make your launch is the fastest and easiest way: a Choose a provider that offers the ability to expand the resources on your page as what you need it. You never know if your page will a “over time a ” an increase in traffic, and a change in needs or resources used. For that reason a scalable server resources can be expanded according to your needs without limit yourself in this regard. a When creating your web page or site, keep in mind that nobody knows yet, so any help you receive for your promotion for you. Create personal accounts or the company on social networks like Twitter or Facebook, it is a quick free and form a strong network of known and potential customers that your page can interesting.

Advances the information you have to be updated. This depends on the need for consultation show that the same user. Having the same information may cause the visitor leaves the page or frequenting recommend, so it is preferable that before entering the network have a support page for any updated information you need, without neglecting the promotion. a Make your time and plan activities with each of the activities carried out during one month after launch. Being organized will avoid problems and delays in the administration of your page.

a Check each of the technical details of your site before uploading it to the network, for its optimum performance ensure that the visitor does not lose interest fast. a Finally, do not forget to provide an easy way to contact you. Most webmasters choose to place a contact form for this process, as a quick way in which the user or Visitors can discuss their impression of the web page visited. You can also provide a mail or email in which they can request additional information on any topic.

Credit Scoring

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You've probably heard the term credit score. You can get an idea of your credit score can have an effect on his life. For example, you can understand that when you apply for a mortgage loan, the mortgage company your credit score. But did you know that the interest rate you can on your mortgage? And credit cards? depend largely on your credit score? Did you know that more and more employers check your credit score when you apply for a job, and that insurance companies can increase premiums or even cancel your insurance based on your credit score? So what is a credit score and how is it calculated? Your credit score (in some cases, you called your credit score) is a rating of your creditworthiness, or the ease that you have to repay a loan and how you can pay in a timely manner. And you can have a dramatic effect on your life. There three companies that collect information about how to manage credit. They are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Each one of them to determine your credit score based on a formula developed by Fair Isaac Corporation, but everyone calls her something different credit score. Trans Union calls its credit score "Empiraca." Experian calls their score "FICO" and Equifax will tell you your credit score is "Beacon." Credit scores range from 400 to 900 with the average score somewhere around 700. This is a case where more is not better that the higher the score the greater the risk you are believed.