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Quality Systems

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It is simply, to ensure that quality is as it should be. It is therefore necessary that the production department to determine and implement systems that are both well integrated human resource, technical, machinery to be used, guaranteeing the productivity index set towards the optimization of production guaranteed benefits and complying with the regulations established to manufacture quality products. It has been discussed considering the relevance of the topic, which in modern manufacturing industries, given the quality of products offered by some companies, there has been a need for better integration of production systems, thus giving rise to the emergence of new methods quality assurance. The introduction and adoption of programs of quality assurance services, has lagged behind manufacturing, perhaps as much as a decade. More than ever enterprises, especially SMEs that are decisive in the Venezuelan case as a productive factor take greater ownership of production systems involving all topics required to ensure good quality. From here, that would be expressed in a small company, chances are that the system is very effective, but informal and probably not documented. Therefore, it is necessary, considering the quality system standards, which identify these traits that can help the company consistently meets customer requirements.

Do not try to impose something totally new. In other words, we encourage management to pay attention to the relevance of determining effective quality systems, advantageous. Quality systems are about the assessment of how and why things are done. A large number of small companies are already doing a lot of operations that specify the rules, and thus have a great opportunity to export and compete.

Strategic Planning

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In addition to alienate the team leaders also need to learn to: 1. Using team organizational processes such as strategic planning, decision making and problem solving, among others. Is required to promote a team culture. The organization grows when people like TEAM is participating in management processes, decision making, goal setting, etc.., Which requires, as leaders, build on the skills, talents and resources of others to achieve effective management . In some contexts there is the idea that they are functions of the leader, but the current reality, complex and evolving, does not support this type of reasoning. As Laurie Donald said: a The solution to the challenges of adaptation are not on the executive committee but on the collective intelligence of employees at all. In this respect also says S.

Covey: a Successful organizations are the product of an organizational nature. Do not depend on the personality. Dependent on culture and the system ‘. An organization that is growing is growing because people are growing as a result of participating in decision making, planning, management and resolution of problems as a team. For the leader of a team, the leadership is not just a matter of personal performance, is how much more can be achieved through the team of people who are heading in the same direction and with the same course.

Leaders need to get people to move in the same direction. 2. Promoting ownership Usually people get a sense of ownership when they help to create something.

Quality Management

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Research has also contributed in the dissemination of the results published in virtual magazines, newspapers, articles, revealing the achievements, as well as in forums, debates, conferences. Despite all this, the program considers that there are barriers that hindered as little the achievement of excellence academic, since it has a full-time faculty dedicated to research, to collaborate with participating actively promotes them as guardian, guide proactive in their investigations. Its teachers are recruited staff who work outside the University and devote little time to academic activities that the program contains more than make their classes. To this is added, the lack of cooperation of the authorities of encouraging the development of research budgets, tools, incentives that trigger. In conclusion, the Program for Management of Quality and Productivity, is fully identified in the role played by research, agrees that one of the key functions of the university, especially its graduate Areas is to encourage the creation of new knowledge through scientific research, technological, humanistic and social.

It is recognized that this role has become the center of the evaluation of universities in many countries around the world in Venezuela, something that should not be neglected. It has been proposed program within their means, cooperation which can provide the university authorities, and start a projection and not just materialize in teaching. Venezuelan universities should identify more with the investigation, not stay only in the knowledge transmitacion Lemansson and Chiappe (1999) notes that in the country there is an insufficient number of universities in which research activities are practiced. The program shares the view that research is one that encourages critical thinking and creativity in both teachers and the students. It is through her that the learning process is vitalized and combats memory which has helped train both professional liabilities, little love innovation, with little curiosity and personal initiative. The reason for the need for research in universities is to prepare individuals with new skills and knowledge who have received training appropriate academic in a rapidly developing world. And this is because society requires human capital to solve their immediate problems, contributing to increasing the capital is one of the most important missions of universities


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"Do you like our sales force," asked the sales manager. They were the sales force. They had to admit they were very good. "Very well," said the manager. "So we have a better label, better packaging and better advertising program, and the product was sells the best sales force in the market. Tell me why we're in the seventeenth place in the business of dog food "There was a silence. Finally somebody said: "It is because of these filthy dogs.

They do not want to eat the product! "Leadership is not doing things we like to do, but do we have to do. The problem is that it tends to confuse leadership styles of management models. Management is about management, leadership is about people. Administration ensures programs, processes and systems. Leadership is the ability to influence someone to achieve something.

Many companies have good managers occupy managerial positions but these are good leaders, genuine leaders and even without management positions. The current business success lies not in the number of leaders who have neither the number of people that goes, but by the quality of leaders the company has. Many managers and executives who have attended my lectures have said: "I hope you can give me some perspective on how I can change my company. " My answer is always the same "My goal is to inspire you to change, if that happens, your organization will also change" But what is this intriguing phenomenon called Leader Y? Leader And is the art of self-involved to maximize the ability to exercise successful leadership in all directions.

College Education

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I prefer a drop of wisdom to a ton of wealth. Every good manager knows that the opportunity not be lost, they should be evaluated in all its aspects from presenting their strengths weaknesses, threats, namely to determine what they can promote pro-growth changes that provide us, give way to changes that benefits everyone. Schools administrators a Venezuelans, especially involving us, the de Carabobo, not be isolated from the national reality, what the present government under the administration of current president, Lt. Col. Hugo Chavez Frias is leading, which has represented his actions, through economic programs and other measures to strengthen what he called XXI Century Socialism.

Many of these actions has led to the country manifests itself in uncertainty, risks, fears, a turbulent scenario, concern has been expressed already in the business sector, where union members are working from the College of administrators, professionals very vinculadosa to the companies and where their role, practice is essential to ensure development, operation, productivity. a Many pynes and some other companies that have stopped working, others are doing it not with that scenario requires productivity, many for the lack of proactive manager, strategists, innovators, able to meet the challenges and promote actions that they know debilidadesa take them to present government programs, as well as algunasa needs demand, some of them to achieve their objective, counting cona business sector to collaborate in its management. The truth, which is still demonstrating a role of the College of passive managers, isolated from the reality of what a union represents, with much passivity, excessive figuration of its authorities, giving more strength to the social roles, sports, the academics, defense research administrator rights, a role that ensures the effective presence of the College in favor of encouraging aspects really show their membership and commitment to the national reality.

Environmental Education

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It should enhance cooperation and coordination between local authorities, to exchange more information and experience among local authorities. Need to change and improve existing institutions dedicated to increasing the capacity of local authorities and local environmental management. Local authorities are an important factor for the achievement of program objectives and establishing policies for the improvement of planning, dealing with the operation and maintenance of economic infrastructure, social and ecological, and more importantly, are instances of authority work closer to people. For Orestes Valdez, 1996, incorporating the environmental dimension in primary education is undoubtedly a great step forward, represents a qualitatively higher state of the process of environmental education in the national education system, as it is in multiple subjects, have a character and approach the resort, guide students to research the causes and effects of problems through the activity, and for recognizing the environment as abiotic, biotic and socio it.

Environmental education is an educational process, is a dimension, perspective and is an alternative education and pedagogy, to be developed primarily in the school, the social custom of this is afforded in the preparation of children , adolescents, youth and adults for life and is a political, economic and social development. Chapter XXXVI of the Agenda XXI, “Promoting education, training and awareness,” states: “Education is critical for promoting sustainable development and increase the capacity of people to address environmental and development, and must deal with the dynamics of physical and biological environment and socio-economic environment and human development (which may include spiritual) development, integrated into all disciplines and use environmental problems and enable, by their conduct, active participation in its improvement and protection.

Conflict Management

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The work teams are composed of people, each one of them expresses its personality traits, behavior to interact with others can give way to conflicts in accordance with the interests of everyone, which leads to the relationship. Hence it is not surprising that from time to time conflicts that good management must know they operate. This is compounded further when the individual moves to compose a work team within the organization, teams must act according to the guidelines, they demand functions, acting according to rules, regulations, policies, commitments .

Management aspects that should be monitored to prevent any of them happened to be generated a serious conflict in organizational behavior, its climate. Eduardo Amoros shows on the subject, we think that conflicts in any organization occur frequently and this is normal, given that where people interact and exchange ideas will always be discrepancies, as everyone is different and complex. He who says that his organization did not have them, something is happening and what is most likely that this slowing growth is that people are not involved in implementing it, or unwilling to make contributions or exchanges of information with their peers of work to achieve the goals of the team and organization. Conflicts act as a catalyst to improve the performances of individuals and therefore of the organizations. The modern management should focus on ensuring that conflicts become positive driving forces, in conclusion, the goal is not to disappear in organizations, but we know how to handle them from knowledge of the people around us, their motivations, perceptions, skills and feelings part by knowledge of oneself..


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A Content Management System (abbreviated CMS) offers users the advantage of a relatively easy maintenance and updating of web content. Thus in open-source area now established some very serious solutions denVergleich with commercial systems may well take up. A problem with many CMS, however, are still insufficient to support the simple and easy indexing by the major search engines. Long and hard digestible "addresses many variables in the URLs, bloated code and little meaningful use of the usual HTML markup for headings are common problems faced by the users face. For some of these problems have modern CMS is now relatively easy to implement solutions that can be applied by users without further knowledge of PHP & Co..

Thus, there are some for the very popular CMS Joomla! plugin "OpenSEF," which provides automatically after installation for more readable URLs. More descriptive page title and a better use of headlines can be with small changes in the source code and address the use of suitable templates. It is more difficult even if you want to create a lean, possibly even tableless code. Again, there are solutions, usually in the form of so-called "core hacks", that changes in the core of the source code, which must be implemented, however, only expensive. Here it is weighed individually. There are very good examples that a CMS can also be a slightly "messy" source code very well represented in the search engine results lists, even if other important things to remember. Search engine optimization is, in most cases, therefore, for an off the shelf CMS implemented efficiently, only the measures for the optimization of the source code are usually of about larger than for static websites or individually created solutions.

The Global Economic Crisis

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Plutarch: The women when they love, the love put into something divine. Such love is like the sun, which animates nature. Sara is a woman of about thirty years old and two years of his life has been spent doing what she likes least: look for work. Before being fired from the job where he served for four years was a secretary who spoke well in the company: his co-workers and bosses considered it orderly, serious, methodical, dutiful to his duty. And besides, contributed largely to maintain the good atmosphere that was felt in the workplace. In the good weather was said to be one of the most important assets of this prosperous organization.

But then came the time of crisis and with them the programs of "rationalization of expenditure" and "austerity plans." First the staff suffered the withdrawal of some benefits, then the withdrawal of several of his companions. Among those who left this lady was serious and well organized as they all speak well. On his last day of work made him a heartfelt farewell, they said fine words, he was given a gift and a letter of recommendation y. .. accompanied her to the door. "Excuse me, but it is the circumstances. If it were in my hands would not have taken this painful decision …" said her boss as she hastened her steps to get lost in the solitude of the night. Since then sought a new job but it seems the crisis is affecting all businesses everywhere as the doors are closed.

Sara's story reflects the plight of millions of women around the world. While speaking to the female gender is more flexible, friendly and accommodating, the reality of today is still as tough as it once was. The International Labour Organization released a report entitled, warns that because of the global economic crisis will lose 22 million jobs worldwide female. The organization estimates that unemployment affects women more severely than men in development of the crisis. In Colombia, the business daily reported that the Female unemployment is higher than men: 13.4% versus 8.6%. Presenting as a source to the National Department of Statistics, DANE, the news media said that the informality rate is 59.6% for women and 56.2% for men. The two figures are very worrying, but again women bear the brunt. The same source indicates that 56 Colombians 100 professionals are women. They are paid less than that of men without any justification. According to the Ministry of National Education gap is 17.4% and there is the possibility that the figure is even higher. Despite the rhetoric that panders to women and the efforts being made to achieve equality, they continue to suffer the torture of job discrimination and, in some cultures, the demeaning treatment from their husbands and society they were born male. The hours are ongoing and the days too. It's Monday morning and Sara goes back to the street hoping to adequately answer the job interview presenting twenty-fifth since being unemployed. We have said that they find a good sponsor but she does not. Just have faith in the words he was told the day of his farewell: "A valuable person like you will not be unemployed long." Bitterly recalls that this makes two years. Rutto Alejandro Martinez is a renowned Colombian journalist and scholar whose articles are published on websites, newspapers and magazines in several countries. Recently he was awarded the Internet in modaidad. It is often invited to seminars and conferences in various cities. Contact him through mail and visit your page.